Why Facebook & Machine Learning Matter For Local Businesses

The digital advertising world isn’t what it used to be.

Two massive, tectonic forces are shaping the world of marketing. You know them as Facebook and Google.

Without using both of these platforms, an ad campaign is just not maximizing its full potential reach. This is especially true for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and local advertisers.

Setting up an effective campaign has never been more complex.  

Nowadays, local businesses need to simultaneously create, harvest, and convert demand for their product or services across multiple channels, all while sticking to a tight budget. Yet, we all know optimization is a volume game.

Add in the fact that SMBs need to have both a mobile and desktop web presence to reach as many users as possible, and you can see the difficulties in navigating the digital advertising world.

Large companies and corporations can just throw resources at the problem. But what is a local advertiser to do? How can they learn, stay up to date and optimize on small budgets?

Get on Facebook.

In today’s world, having a strong Facebook presence is as important to an SMB as having a website was 10 years ago.

Facebook allows companies to reach users across digital platforms and various devices, no matter their size.

No one can deny the huge opportunity Facebook brings to local advertising. More than 50 million businesses now have a page on Facebook and the social media giant now has 4 million advertisers actively trying to reach users. Heck, Facebook just made 7 billion in revenue last quarter. That puts Facebook on the same playing field as Google.

Facebook is incredibly popular with mobile users, too, as 84% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile advertising.

So Facebook is popular, but where, exactly, does Facebook fit into the digital advertising model?

How does Facebook solve the problem of creating effective ad campaigns that reach and convert users, without costing tons of money for SMBs?

That’s where Machine Learning comes in.

In the simplest sense, Machine Learning (ML) is a fancy term for letting a robot/program do all the heavy lifting when it comes to an ad campaign.

Think of ML as an investment manager. You give an investment manager your money and let them make the best decisions as the market changes.

ML works the same: tracking an ad campaign and continuously changing certain aspects and features to always reach the optimal amount of users. Like an investment manager, ML will consistently and constantly be looking for opportunities to rebalance your portfolio and search for changes to maximize your return.   

Manual campaign management is a lot harder. You literally need to have someone on-hand, at all times, to track bid rules and scripts, which is incredibly expensive. Natural human error (we all make mistakes, after all) can also make that data inaccurate, or can make you miss opportunities.

ML, on the other hand, uses predictive algorithms that are constantly learning and adapting from every single action visitors take during an ad campaign. With that 100% accurate info, an ML system can make the best decisions throughout any given day.

The future of advertising is Machine Learning, especially when it comes to Facebook ads, and that’s where Acquisio comes in.

Bid & Budget Management.

Acquisio’s award-winning Machine Learning technology, called Bid & Budget Management or BBM is focused on getting advertisers the most bang for their buck. That means predicting the best bids for performance, making the most out of a daily budget so an ad runs all day, and never over-spending, across multiple ad platforms.

Our easy-to-use ML solution, BBM constantly makes intuitive decisions to make it 3.6 times more likely you’ll spend your daily budget and lower the average cost-per-click by up to 40%.

When you’re a local business, making the most of your advertising budget is essential, and that’s what Acquisio’s ML does with no oversight needed.

To learn more about how Acquisio’s Machine Learning software and Facebook ad management tools can help your business, head here!

David McIninch

David McIninch

My experience is in designing, developing, and executing on transformative business strategies that drive growth, meet market needs, and deliver quantifiable ROI. Having worked both domestically and internationally for many years in the SaaS B2B technology arena, my true passion is all about driving growth through the delivery of innovative technology.

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