SEM Software & Tools for Paid Search Ad Campaigns

Scale your search engine marketing efficiently and intelligently. Use one platform to launch, manage and report across Google and Bing campaigns, supercharged by machine learning and automation.


Get SEM campaigns off the ground faster and easier than ever before with our powerful suite of ad launching tools.

  • Set up new client campaigns in minutes
  • Automate dynamic SEM campaigns based on product feeds
  • Use predefined campaign templates or customize with your own
  • Easily clone and sync Google Ads campaigns to Bing Ads

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Launch your campaigns


Campaign managers become campaign masters with our accounts dashboard and KPI builder that instantly shows which accounts are underperforming.

  • Improve campaigns using our search query keyword expansion tool
  • Save time with our Ad Extension Manager
  • Access to cross-publisher capabilities and cloning
  • Audit and edit many accounts at once inside a unified dashboard

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Manage your campaigns


Optimize intelligently by teaming up with our machine learning to get better campaign results for less work. Replace tedious and time consuming tasks because you are not a robot!

  • Define campaign objectives for the algorithms
  • Maximize your budget every month
  • Ensure campaign performance with self-improving AI
  • Increase the return on your investment

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Optimize your campaigns


Take advantage of time-saving, multi-component features while building customized cross-channel reports easily and automatically.

  • Quickly create and modify report templates  
  • Unify cross-channel data with raw or offline data sources in one report
  • Set flexible date ranges like Last Week or Last Month
  • Conveniently publish reports in PDF, CSV or as an HTML link

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