Ready to Harness the Potential of Automated Bidding?

Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned automated bidder,
our strategic advice will be helpful

What Automated Bidding is & When it’s Most Useful

Distinguish between simple automation and machine learning automation. Understand when automated bidding is the most appropriate strategy and when to leave machine learning out and apply a manual bid strategy.

The Top 10 Automated Bidding Issues & How to Solve Them

We’ve enlisted the help of our in-house PPC gurus to help solve your biggest automated bidding challenges related to machine learning. They use Acquisio Turing™ to help them manage over 81,000 campaigns that spend $37M USD per month.

How to Assess Whether Your Use Case is Right for Automated Bidding

We’ve included a diagnostic quiz and checklist to help you determine your business needs. Plus, a link is included to book a free consultation with author and bidding expert, Nessa Plotkin. It’s a rare opportunity to openly discuss your strategy with a real pro.