Meet Acquisio Turing™
PPC Bid & Budget Management Software Powered by Machine Learning

Optimize campaigns in your sleep with 24/7 bid and budget management powered by machine learning. No need for historical data.
We’re not waiting for the future of digital advertising, we’re building it!
— Marc Poirier, Co-Founder

The Development of Acquisio Turing

Launched in 2012, Acquisio Turing is a mature artificial intelligence (AI) technology stack that simplifies the complexities of PPC. Self-learning algorithms ingest and analyze data across advertising platforms from morning to night.
Chart showing a decrease in average CPC and increase in clicks over time

Built in Montreal, a globally-recognized hub for artificial intelligence, Acquisio Turing self-improves surpassing its own level of intelligence daily. When we first started developing machine learning technology in 2012, there were only a few algorithms working together to make intelligent bid and budget adjustments to advertising campaigns throughout the day. Since then we have invested heavily in the evolution of our machine learning.

Acquisio Turing Today

Today Acquisio Turing is the leading AI technology for cross channel PPC management. It includes bid and budget management, budget distribution, and local lead estimation. 30+ intelligent algorithms work in harmony to optimize spend and increase clicks or conversions. Campaign data such as seasonality, day of week, time of day, location, ad platform, delivery device and more is considered in each intelligent bid and budget decision. Easy-to-use-controls ensure you can tune our algorithms to your campaign objectives.

We are continuing to innovate with AI research and development at Acquisio, bringing the future of PPC management to life through data science.

The Benefits of AI-Powered Bid & Budget Management


Generate more conversions and dramatically improve your chances for SEM success.

Budget Attainment

Improve your ability to hit monthly budgets across search and display channels.

Longer Lifetime Value

Accounts on Acquisio Turing last on average 3 months longer that accounts not on machine learning.

30 000 Accounts Don’t Lie

We put our machine learning optimization to the test across 33K agency and reseller campaigns. These were their results:

decrease in CPA decrease in CPA increase in clicks increase in conversions decrease in CPC
with Machine Learning
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