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10% Decrease in CPC 18% Decrease in CPA 8% Increase in Clicks 22% Increase in Conversions Things are Better
with Machine Learning?Based on 33,000 accounts using Acquisio. April 2017. Click to view the report.

You're Good at PPC, We Make You Even Better

You know how to manage pay per click campaigns and we know how to put machine learning on your side. Combine your expertise with our cross-publisher ad management platform, powered by machine learning, so we can prove it to you.


Machine Learning Applied to MarTech

Acquisio’s High-Frequency Predictive Algorithms learn and decide how to optimize digital marketing results across ad platforms, making optimized bid adjustments within budget 24/7. Built in Montreal, a global hub for A.I. talent and innovation, our expert PhD data scientists invested years of research to develop this world-class Machine Learning layer.

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Acquisio Turing

The layer makes daily leaps in its own level of intelligence, 'automagically' self-improving by ingesting and analyzing massive arrays of live campaign data. Our algorithms deliver results unimaginable by even the smartest humans. They do the hard work for you, tirelessly improving your campaign performance, so you focus on what you love to do.

Every Acquisio product runs on this intelligent engine, making them undoubtedly the smartest products in their categories. Learn more about the Platform, Promote, and Dynamic Campaigns.

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Are you maximizing account lifetime value?

See how much Acquisio Turing can help you not only gain better campaign performance with machine learning, but also extend customer lifespan in our Machine Learning Performance Report.

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of the time you'll hit budget targets
expected account lifespan extension
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Unparalleled Optimization

Take advantage of the industry’s most powerful optimization tools and get more clicks and conversions out of budgets.

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Scalable Campaign Management

Give your account managers the ability to manage hundreds of clients and make small budgets profitable.

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Elegant Reporting

Automated reports let you save up to 65% of the time you used to spend on reporting.

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Local and Reseller Solution Providers

These businesses, and many more, manage thousands of accounts and help their clients get the most out of even the smallest budget.

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Sensis, Yellow pages, Coxmedia Group, YP Search Marketplace

Channel Partners

Now available, channel partners who also serve SMBs can connect to Acquisio and offer our MarTech solutions.

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Mudd advertising

With Acquisio Turing, literally overnight there was a shift where clicks went through the roof and cost per click was drastically dropping.

Dave Meindl
Systems Designer and Business Analyst


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