Cross Publisher Ad Campaign Management

Better campaign management begins here. Get built in cross-channel and cross-publisher ad management tools.
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  • search manage SEM campaigns
  • social manage Facebook
    and Instagram campaigns

Manage Social

Powerful campaign management tools for supercharged social advertising.


Facebook & Instagram Ad Management

Easily manage and edit as many Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns as you want, making social advertising even more profitable. Apply advanced algorithms to simplify complicated data analysis tasks and actionable recommendations on how to fast track campaign success.

Macro Visibility

Identify what’s driving results with side-by-side campaign and account comparison.

Actionable Tips

Built in optimization engine for real-time campaign analysis and performance recommendations.

Custom Dashboard

Customized configuration to suit your preferred mix of metrics and recipe for success.​

Facebook Campaign Management Option 3


A/B Testing for Social Media Ads

Make effective ads lightning fast with easy and intuitive A/B testing tools. Boost ROI by figuring out the best ad copy, images and CTAs for different audiences. Then create RLSAs from high-performing audiences you’ve created in social ad campaigns.

Setup in Seconds

Create A/B tests for ads by inserting multiple words and images and allowing the system to generate variants.

Hyper Targeted

Boost Facebook or Instagram performance through rule-based targeting and configurable experiments.

Quality Control

Control ad delivery by using dayparting to only show ads when customers are likely to respond.​

A/B test your ads on Facebook and Instagram

Streamline search and social advertising with Acquisio.