AI-Powered SEM Sales Tools for Local Advertising

The power to predict the outcome of your prospect's PPC campaigns is at your fingertips. Selling search marketing has never been smarter.


Lead Sizing Tool

Our lead sizing tool will help your sales reps pre-qualify prospects and have better conversations. Reps are guided to ask the prospect questions and score the customers answers.

With data about the customer and additional sales enablement tools like our lead calculator, your sales team will be prepared to convert prospects on the spot. Other benefits of our lead sizing tool include:

Even Better Sales Calls

Control the conversation and focus on the value you can deliver.

Short Learning-Curve

Easy user interface so you can ramp up new sales reps in a few hours.

Pre-Qualify Prospects

Size up prospects before calling so you focus efforts where it counts.

Lead Sizing Tool


AI-Powered Lead and Traffic Estimator Tool

Within our local product, the Lead and Traffic Estimator can tell your sales team exactly how many leads a prospect can expect from their campaign. 

Using our massive database of local advertising campaigns with some qualifying questions, Acquisio Turing determines average CPCs for keywords in a particular industry and region to recommend the best package. It includes allocated media spend for the best results and expected conversions. With the lead estimator tool you get:

Informed Sales

Discuss packages with reliable data so you can set expectations upfront.

Increased Trust

Sell confidently knowing that your team can deliver on sales promises.

Financial Results

Develop longer lasting customer relationships with a higher lifetime value.

Lead Estimator


ROI Calculator

Everyone wants to know what return they can expect from their investment. Our machine learning algorithms crunch the numbers for you using data from our Lead Sizing Tool and Lead Estimator. Calculate the expected ROI for your unique PPC advertising packages.

If you want to know the ROI of a PPC campaign for a dentist in New York City, you can! Use the ROI calculator to figure out what level of ad spend will lead to the best outcomes.

Upsell From the Start

Determine if a bigger investment will generate better results.

Custom Recommendations

Deliver strategic advice based on your unique SEM packages.

Responsible Sales Promises

Equip your sales team to set the right expectations from the start.

ROI Calculator