Acquisio for Local SEM/PPC Resellers

The ultimate solution for organizations selling PPC advertising to small-to-medium businesses at scale.

  • Sell
    • Lead Sizing Tool
    • Lead Estimator
    • ROI Calculator
  • Launch
    • SEM Launcher
    • Taxonomy Manager
    • Power Cloner
  • Manage
    • Client Center
    • Workbench
    • KPI Dashboard
    • Social Management
    • Bulksheet
    • Ad Extension Manager
    • Search Queries
    • Custom Columns
  • Optimize
    • Bid & Budget
    • Budget Distribution
    • Facebook Ads
  • Report
    • Report Templates
    • Report Scheduling
    • Social Reporting
    • Client Portal
  • Integrate
    • GA Connector
    • Call Tracking
    • Provisioning API
    • Launching API
    • Optimization API
    • Reporting API
  • Support
    • Account Manager

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Premier Services Included

With Acquisio Premier Services we’ll enrich your experience with Acquisio using personalized trainings and one-on-one coaching that will boost your campaign performance. ($1000 Value)

Bronze Silver Gold (included)
Live Chat IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded
Coaching Report IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded
Budget Pace Report IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded
Monitoring and Alerts IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded
Monthly Training w/Acquisio Turing™ Optimization Specialist IncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded
Monthly Agency Performance Report IncludedIncluded
Bi-Weekly Performance Review Calls IncludedIncluded

Flexible Taxonomy

Acquisio Taxonomy Manager provides a simple way to optimize your campaign templates for each business vertical.
Start with our 180+ business verticals seed taxonomy or use your own.

Business verticals: Fitness, Law, Real Estate, Lock Smith, Construction, Dentist, Plumber, Taxi

Find out more about our pricing for Acquisio Local.