Display Advertising Platform & Services

Display advertising comes in different shapes and sizes. With a platform for Google Display Network (GDN) advertising and the Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) services, we’ve got a solution for every situation.
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Trading Desk for Display, Native, Video and Audio Ads Across
Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets & Connected TV

Industry Expertise

More than a decade delivering programmatic display results with large media buys.

Low Commitment

No long term contracts or high minimums. Use monthly orders and pause campaigns anytime.

Unprecedented Reach

Connect to over 50 ad exchanges and networks reaching 150+ countries. 60+ data partners.

Campaign Management

Programmatic display with a dedicated Campaign Manager to take care of all the heavy lifting.

Precise Targeting

Target the right people at the right time with granular pre-bid targeting capabilities.


Access audiences through a mix of social, video, rich media, and programmatic marketplaces.


Rich metrics and features create granular reports that can be customized to your needs.


Thousands of PMP deals to give you the same scale you expect from large SSP partners.


Mobile, audio, display, native, CTV and video inventory. Includes DCO, Spotify and Pandora ads.

Expansive Inventory

You’ll profit from the Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) team’s expertise and access to a wide variety of global inventory that reaches well beyond the Google Display Network.

  • Access to every major exchange
  • 2 Million QPS
  • 12 IAB standard units, including high impact
  • Scale in 150+ countries
Ad exchanges in Acquisio's Global Inventory

Retargeting Solutions

The Acquisio Trading Desk delivers high-quality, high-value native, mobile, display, and video campaign solutions that can leverage all of the major ad exchanges.

Integrate recency data to optimize campaign performance, leverage first-party data for cross-device and audience retargeting, then deliver deep analytics with cross-channel attribution.

Cross-Device Audience Retargeting