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Acquisio Proudly Partners with Yext to Empower Local Business

Today Acquisio is really proud to announce a strategic partnership that will further assist Yext’s massive network of business clients to succeed in the digital marketing sphere. Yext describes their app directory as an opportunity for businesses to grow through seamless digital integrations that save business owners time and money. We are joining other partners, including HubSpot and Zapier, to make this goal a reality for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our user-friendly product entering the Yext App Directory, fittingly named Promote, sets up businesses with an optimized mobile-first landing page and creates local advertising campaigns on Google and Bing without the need for digital marketing expertise. “Acquisio’s integration in the Yext App Directory gives businesses a powerful new tool to create tailored local campaigns powered by digital knowledge,” said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer of Yext. “The Promote app saves time for businesses and helps them reach their customers in a targeted way.”

Promote automatically targets the user’s business category with custom ad campaigns that produce incredible results – sans the usual burden of a heavy time/monetary investment. Clients can monitor their incoming calls, messages, and clicks to see how their online presence is positively impacting their business goals. The ease of use the app provides in combination with dramatic results for any budget, is the perfect pairing for local businesses who need more leads.

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The all-in-one paid-advertising solution that Promote provides is the first of its kind. Using advanced machine learning technology to efficiently scale and optimize local search marketing, Promote easily outperforms even the best campaign managers at the lowest possible cost. This is the first time this type of technology has been accessible to the local business owner. Acquisio is uniquely suited to ensure that businesses of all sizes can thrive in the digital economy.

As a major player in the intelligent martech industry, we are positioned as a leader in smart local business advertising solutions powered by machine learning.  We are currently securing additional strategic partnerships with both renowned and emerging small business resellers and service providers, internationally.

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Cassy Trussell

Cassy Trussell

Cassy is Acquisio's Content Specialist and resident Community Manager. With degrees in both Communication Studies and Graphic Design, coupled with agency and freelance design and copywriting experience, she has an ideal trifecta of skills to back up the entire marketing team. A passionate foodie, she can tell you all the best dishes in the city. When she's not writing, designing, or engaging with Acquisio's community, she spends time with her dog Derp, a local Instagram star.

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