Social Media Advertising Tools & Campaign Platform

Fast-track social media advertising success on Facebook and Instagram with built-in A/B testing, campaign improvement tips and advanced analytics.
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Create new Facebook and Instagram campaigns in just minutes using a simple step-by-step process.

  • Upload media once and reuse it in future campaigns
  • Create campaigns with hundreds of demographic audiences and thousands of ad variants in minutes
  • Save audiences in preferences to reuse them

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Launch your campaigns


Review ad performance, KPIs and areas for improvement from one convenient dashboard view styled to your taste.

  • Customizable ad analytics dashboard
  • Easily monitor key performance metrics
  • Gain visibility on strategic opportunities
  • Clearly organize campaigns and ad sets

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Manage your campaigns


Test CTAs, images and copy in record time so you can iterate, building off the ads that worked best.

  • Quickly identify the messaging that’s working for each audience
  • Get tips to stop spending on underperforming audiences
  • Identify and allocate spend where it’s most effective
  • Automatically accept recommendations to speed up optimization

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Optimize your campaigns


Create reports to summarize your social media ad performance on its own or with other channels like Google Ads and Bing Ads.
  • Generate simplified insights across Facebook and Instagram
  • Build from customizable, sleek reporting templates
  • Automate and schedule social reporting
  • Convenient cross-channel reporting capabilities
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