AI-Powered Solutions for Local SEM/PPC Resellers

Launch and manage PPC campaigns for local small business customers quicker and smarter than ever before.

Measurable Local Benefits

Profitable Advertising

Give your organization the ability to make small budgets profitable.

Scalable Operations

Technology that allows you to manage hundreds of client accounts easily.

Efficient Performance

PPC automation and machine learning take the grunt work out of campaign management.

Measurable Returns

Better client retention and ROI proven with our machine learning.

Spend Every Cent

Maximize every cent and avoid over or under spending with budget management.

Ongoing Innovation

Automated platform features, machine learning algorithm advancements and more!

Inside Acquisio for Local

Lead Sizing, Estimator & ROI Calculator

Not all leads are equal. Now your sales team can generate SEM lead estimates and make package recommendations instantly based on ROI calculations (even if they’ve never seen Google Ads before!)

Taxonomy Manager

Organization is everything. Leverage our proven taxonomy of 180 popular local business verticals or import your own. Adapt and optimize taxonomy templates by updating keywords and ads.

Search Campaign Launcher

Time is money. Launch search campaigns from 180 business categories in seconds. Increase efficiency with tools like the ad extension library, URL updates, and the ability to accomplish campaign tasks at scale.

Integrated Systems & Connectors

Real-time results. Get traffic estimates, ROI calculations and live campaign performance data at scale. Include data from call tracking vendors, Google Analytics and offline systems. Launch new campaigns based on templates and control account lifecycle management.

Client Reporting

Simplify your life. Build, copy and adapt white-label report templates with a few clicks. Automate delivery schedules to defined recipients easily. Customize your reports and include the metrics that matter to you and your clients.