Hit your campaign and budget targets with bullseye accuracy.

Ever wonder what makes a rocket land on-target? It’s thanks in part to complex, science-driven algorithms that calculate the rocket’s trajectory and constantly course-correct to keep it on track.

Here at Acquisio, we hired a rocket scientist (really!) to build this same technology into our better-than-brilliant bid and budget management system powered by machine learning.

Our Chief Scientist helped us create some algorithms that use the best available current data in their decision-making process. The glorious result powered by Acquisio Turing features features near-real-time management of bids and budgets, with updates every 30 minutes.

What’s in it for You

If you’re not sure yet why you should get excited about all of this, check it out:  Constant access to near-real-time data helps you maximize as well as reduce the cost of each click or conversion, while optimizing your fixed PPC budget so that you know it’s being spent accurately and efficiently.

And if you’re a little concerned about the challenges of mobile advertising, our machine learning algorithms have got you covered there, too. They treat mobile advertising optimization separately from other devices, which means once again that you’re sure you’re paying the correct price for all methods of advertising in each campaign. Of course, Acquisio Turing is doing all this while still guiding the budget results for all devices with hyper-precision.

We’ll Sum it Up for You…

Workaholic Acquisio Turing helps us process over 1 million bid changes per day across publishers. Because Acquisio Turing never leaves the trading floor, you can bid farewell to over-bidding for clicks or over-paying for conversions. Its budget management is so precise across all campaigns that you’ll never have to worry about running out of budget early or overspending again.

It’s like having your own personal ‘round-the-clock stock exchange, but without all the risk. Or the shouting.


“Acquisio Turing™, literally overnight there was a shift where clicks went through the roof and cost per click was drastically dropping”

- Dave Meindl, Systems Designer and Business Analyst at Mudd Advertising

Dave Meindl

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