AI-Powered Ad Management Tools for Agencies

Award winning AI technology that manages and optimizes search, social and display advertising for your entire portfolio. Intelligently drive client results with the leading agency platform for cross-channel PPC optimization on any size budget.

Measurable Agency Benefits

Cross Publisher Capabilities

Manage, optimize, track and report Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram and display in one user interface. Move budgets between campaign groups with budget distribution.

Unparalleled Optimization

Powerful bid and budget optimization tools get you more clicks and conversions. Optimize for CPC or CPA, set reasonable bid constraints and achievable monthly targets.

Time Saving Tools

From cloning search campaigns to launching hundreds of Facebook campaigns in minutes or automated reporting, your agency saves so much time using the Acquisio platform.

Inside Acquisio for Agencies

Supercharge Search Campaigns

We’ll do the heavy lifting. You can launch multiple client campaigns faster using our centralized dashboard. Enhanced features allow you to clone Google and Bing campaigns, create ad extension libraries and optimize everything using renowned machine learning technology.

Double Down with Google Ads

You can have it all. Now you don’t have to decide between search or display, you can manage both inside the Acquisio platform seamlessly. Maximize client search and display dollars with cross-channel bid and budget distribution AI. Maximize your time using centralized reporting.

Elegant Reporting

Tell a story. Help clients understand what you do for them everyday by presenting data-driven reports customized to their needs. Simplify the process using the multi-component report builder, templates, dynamic date ranges, delivery schedules and predefined recipient lists.

More Ways to Connect

Synchronize your systems. Alongside your search and social advertising partners, connect Customer Relationship Management data, Google Analytics, Media Publishers, 11 call tracking providers and more. Larger agencies prefer our robust API to literally plug into Acquisio and save even more time.

Inventory-Based Campaigns

More for less. Create product-specific client ads with less effort using inventory feeds for laser-targeted SEM campaigns. Your clients will appreciate that you can advertise every single piece of available inventory automatically and even pause ads when products are out of stock.