Acquisio Acquires ClickEquations

Acquisio acquires ClickEquations

Have you heard the exciting news? Acquisio has acquired ClickEquations! Here’s the full scoop:

As part of Acquisio’s commitment to providing agency marketers with the most powerful performance media platform possible, Acquisio just completed the acquisition of paid search technology provider ClickEquations. We’re in the process of integrating ClickEquations functionality into the Acquisio platform and anticipate the process taking a few months.

What Does the Acquisition Mean for Current Acquisio Customers?

For Acquisio customers, the acquisition of ClickEquations means that Acquisio is about to get even better, providing you with more insights, more metrics and even more meaningful data. Once we’ve finished integrating ClickEquations’ technology into the Acquisio platform, here’s a sneak peek of the cool search-focused tools you’ll be able to access:

  • CE Analyst: A powerful Excel plug-in that allows you to access all of your PPC data in any worksheet and make one-click updates.
  • CE Keyword Zoom: A 360-degree view of keyword performance that combines keywords, search queries and text ad analytics together in a view that allows for analysis and on-the-spot editing
  • CE Text Ad Zoom: A view which highlights the best performing text ads and shows marketers if a particular test ad is statistically significant.

What Does the Acquisition Mean for Current ClickEquations Customers?

It means that you’re now a part of the Acquisio family…welcome!

Right now, ClickEquations customers don’t need to do anything differently–you’ll access your data and ClickEquations tools just as you normally do. Behind the scenes, however, we’re in the process of integrating ClickEquations’ technology into the Acquisio performance media platform, and in porting ClickEquations’ customer data to the Acquisio platform. When this is complete, you’ll be able to access your ClickEquations data within Acquisio at no additional cost.

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