4 Reasons You Can’t Miss Unbounce Marketing Optimization Week

We’re getting ready for Marketing Optimization Week (MOW) tomorrow and there’s good reason for that. With four days packed with practical digital marketing how-to advice from some of the biggest names in advertising…for free, marketers can’t afford to miss this first-of-its-kind event.

Between February 20 and the 23rd MOW will bring together experts from Microsoft, Zapier, Hanapin Marketing, MarTech Advisor, Mention and many more. If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here. But if you haven’t registered yet because you’re still not convinced it’s for you, here’s 4 reasons why you need to clear your schedule and be there this week.

Reason #1: Because Your Life Is Getting Harder

Digital marketing is getting harder. Your life is getting harder as a result. Think about it. You have to constantly keep up and optimize everything you do, trying to get the most out of campaigns and get the best results for your business. But with a dynamic landscape, emerging technology and increasing competition, marketing has become more complex than any time before in history. You need hyper-targeted campaigns, expert techniques, machine learning, ruthless retargeting and a mean marketing stack to back it all up. How are marketers supposed to make sense of all that and stay on top of the latest trends and hacks?

Marketing Optimization Week, that’s how.

Reason #2: Because Great Things Happen When Smart People Get Together

MOW is going to be packed with practical how-to advice. We’re talking 15 expert presentations, 11 companies, your computer and you learning more than you have in months!

On February 20th enjoy a presentation on AI from Persado.  We’re especially excited for another presentation that day from our favourite title “Why Won’t They Click This Button” from Kick Point.

On the 21st, hear from our very own VP of Marketing Beth Thouin and our Director of Product Management Richard Beck as they tackle the biggest PPC woes submitted by marketers like you! Literally. The 21st will also feature a presentation from the popular Purna Virji from Microsoft and a couple others as well.

The 22nd opens with a presentation from one of our most adored clients, Hanapin Marketing, talking about how to improve your landing pages and quality score. Then later in the day you can’t miss a presentation on social listening from Mention.

Larry Kim opens the last day of MOW speaking on behalf of his new startup Mobile Monkey and sharing tips to get unusually good marketing results. And of course the rest of the week is scattered with high-quality content from Unbounce experts and other huge names in digital marketing.

Where else are you going to find all these amazing presentations from the comfort of your own home, office or coffee shop?

Reason #3: Because Unbounce Knows How to Do Webinars!

Unbounce is known for creating an extremely user-friendly product to build the most effective landing pages possible. They’ve created and broken down a science for developing landing pages that will supercharge campaign results….and through all these years they’ve empowered marketers with all of their genius ideas and advice for better performance through landing page creation. If you’ve ever read the Unbounce blog or attended a past webinar you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Unbounce always creates super effective content that marketers are grateful to receive. Check out these comments from recent Unbounce webinar attendees:

Unbounce won’t let you down when it comes to marketing content and MOW is no exception. You can expect marketing professionals to share winning tactics and tools that you can implement right away. Alexa Hubley, Customer Marketing Strategist at Unbounce will be hosting each session and taking audience questions at the end as well. Sign up and get in on all these goods!

Reason #4: Because You Could Win

Ok so seriously this online event is so good that there is no need for bribery…but it never hurts right? When you register for Unbounce’s Marketing Optimization Week you’ll get a chance to win the Ultimate Marketing Optimization Kit, retailing at over $4,000 and including two tickets to Call to Action Conference! Here’s a glimpse of last year’s CTA Conference:

Does that look like an event you want to miss?! We didn’t think so. Register for MOW and that could be you on that stage in 2018!

What Are You Waiting For?

So there you have it, four solid reasons to attend Unbounce Marketing Optimization Week. If you still haven’t signed up you can do so here. We can’t wait and we hope to see you there. Stay tuned to our blog for more coverage of MOW to come.


Image Credits

Feature Image: Unsplash/Jazmin Quaynor

All Screenshots by Chandal Nolasco da Silva. Taken February 2018.

Image 1-3: Screenshot from Unbounce

Image 4: Screenshot from Unbounce Call to Action Conference

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

With nearly a decade of digital marketing experience, Chandal has created content strategies for both the biggest and sometimes the most unexpected markets, while developing strategic relationships with editors and publishers. Chandal contributes to some of the highest authority industry publications, has been featured in industry events and is thrilled to be Acquisio’s Content Director.

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