Acquisio a Gold Winner in ClickZ Buyers Guide

Acquisio has been part of many guides over the years for SEM, ad tech, martech and more..but this is the first year we’ve been a part of the ClickZ Buyers Guide and we’re pretty stoked about it. The Buyers Guide aims to be a neutral, third-party paid search consultant, helping marketers make decisions about which martech tools are most appropriate for their needs.

The campaign includes both live events in New York City and London as well as literature that presents and summarizes the information ClickZ collects about marketing technology vendors. A photo of the February 21st event that took place in London is seen here:

London ClickZ Buyers Forum Event

The ClickZ Buyers Guides aggregate, analyze and summarize responses from over 1600 marketers about key areas in digital marketing, including Bid Management, Automation, User Experience, Analytics and Reporting, Cross-Channel and Strategic Insight. The information collected is released in phases. The first release of the campaign so far has been a guide on Bid Management, an area near and dear to Acquisio’s heart and one of the best features in our platform. Let’s see what the marketing community had to say about Acquisio’s Bid Management capabilities.

ClickZ Buyer’s Guide Spotlight on Acquisio Bid Management

We honestly didn’t really know what the results of the Buyers Guide would reveal because it’s based on surveys with ClickZ’s audience, but we were absolutely thrilled with the results. We were delightfully awarded gold in a seven categories:

ClickZ Buyers Guide Award Badges

Say whaaat! We couldn’t be more grateful to the 1600+ marketers who gave their feedback and got us these awards! Here are some highlights from all the nice things said about us in the Bid Management Guide:

“In particular, the platform’s core bid management technology drew praise for its clarity and efficacy. The ability to mirror campaigns across channels and keep this automatically synced over time was frequently noted by clients as a significant positive.”

“Bid management, strategic insight, reporting, and user experience all resulted in high performance for Acquisio. Acquisio’s reporting dashboard received particular praise for its intuitive and informative nature, showing performance data from search engines alongside Facebook and Instagram. 

“Acquisio automatically moves budget around multiple campaigns and/or publishers to maximize traffic and budget attainment, which has contributed to its positive scores within the cross-channel category.”

We like to think that we’re doing a pretty good job, but to have this level of validation, enthusiasm and approval from so many marketers for our product was overwhelming. The feedback had us all like:


Get the Guide

There are a ton of insights included in the ClickZ Buyers Guide series that marketers benefit from and they’re not all about Acquisio. If you’re a marketer hoping to try out some new technology and you simply don’t have the time to do so, the Buyers Guide is your new best friend. Quickly sift through all the pros and cons of the paid search vendors you’re thinking about trying and save yourself massive amounts of time. But of course you never know until you try, so create your shortlist with the Guide insights and start some trials when you’re ready. Fast track your search for martech optimization tools and get a copy of the ClickZ Buyers Guide, including the full review on Acquisio!


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Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

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