A Letter to Our Valued Employees

Hello all,

You’re going to read in the news this evening that we’ve entered into an agreement to be acquired by Web.com. Because Web.com is a public company, I unfortunately was not allowed to tell you before the news hit the wires. If you haven’t read the announcement yet, take a moment to read the press release here.

There is much to say, so I will try to keep this short. As you all know, we’ve been evaluating potential investors and/or buyers for the past year to help us accelerate our mission to help small business thrive using our machine learning technology and best-in-class customer service. After meeting with multiple potential partners over multiple occasions, Web.com far exceeded our expectations on all partner fronts. They live with the same purpose that we do (to help small businesses thrive in the digital economy), they have a company culture that goes beyond employee happiness (they have a Chief People Person!), and we can help their 3.5 million small business customers grow with our solutions.

I need you to know that NOTHING CHANGES FOR YOU. Web.com is hiring each and every one of us (yes, including me) because they value our talent. We will continue to do the same things we’re already doing, and we will most likely grow the team eventually to tackle more projects.

They also value our location – Montreal. A significant part of their interest in Acquisio is the city in which we live and thrive in.

I also want to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone. You should be proud. Thank you for your perseverance, your dedication and your continued hard work. We’re in this together and we’ll grow together in this venture.

Richard and I truly believe that this is the time for us as people and as a technology innovator to shine. Joining forces with Web.com comes with many open doors: resources, knowledge exchange, customer reach, partners and more. This is the beginning of something great!

Thank you again and celebrate tonight! You deserve it 🙂

Sincerest gratitude,
Marc Poirier (CEO) & Richard Couture (CTO)
Acquisio Co-founders

“We’re not waiting for the future of MarTech. We’re building it.”


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