Attribution Question For You

The issue of how to allocate credit across the different searches (or other visit types) that lead up to a conversion event is a deservedly hot topic.

This is true largely because the broadly used ‘last click’ allocation model (where the last keyword gets 100% of the revenue credit) is really inaccurate and inadequate.

There are several other attribution models, including first click, linear, weighted, and other hybrids. The pros/cons of each are worthy of extensive discussion. That’s not the topic here however. We have a related question and would like to get some feedback.

Should the allocation of credit ever extend beyond a single conversion?

Two examples below further frame the question. In both cases, assume there is a user-defined tracking period which applies. In other words if you’ve set a ’30-day tracking period’ in any case the look back for events would only extend back 30 days.


Search on KW1 –> Search on WK2 –> Conversion 1 –> Search on KW3 –> Conversion 2

Question: Should KW1 and KW2 be part of the allocation chain for Conversion 2? If so KW1 and KW2 could get partial revenue credit for both Conversion 1 and Conversion 2.

Or does Conversion 2 only allocate back to KW3?


Search on KW1 –> Search on KW2 –> Conversion 1 –> Conversion 2

Question: Should KW1 and KW2 be part of the allocation chain for Conversion 2?

Or should Conversion 2 be seen as an independent event (perhaps inspired by a follow on email or other interaction after Conversion 1.)

FYI, Google Adwords does allocate revenue to keywords from multiple conversions if no search happens between them.

Your Opinion?

We’d love to hear your opinion on this. Please take the survey below, and leave any other thoughts in the comments.




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