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The Perfect Match Type

NOTE: This is part of a post series. It’s available as a single post for easier reading: The Match Type Series. =============================================== Match Type is the PPC option which has perhaps the highest impact, is the least...

RSS Feed Fixed – Welcome Feed Readers

The RSS problems here on the new ClickEquations blog have been cured (thanks Jason) and so existing Commerce360 blog RSS readers are now subscribed to our new blog. We’re using the same feedburner address so you don’t have to do anything...

About the RSS Feed

For some reason the RSS feeds aren’t being generated correctly at this new blog yet. So the subscription is still pointing to the old blog. I assume I’ll get this worked out in a day or so and then will transfer the source here.

Query Hunt

Readers of this blog know that we think queries are mondo-importanto. This week Commerce360’s own Alex Cohen guest-blogged over at WebAnalyticsWorld and talked about this very issue.