2015 Search Marketing Predictions from Brad Geddes

Year end is approaching. It’s time to rethink strategies and give that final push before 2015. Luckily, Acquisio is here to help.

Last year we compiled digital marketing predicitions from some of the biggest names in the industry, pooling 2015 Digital Marketing Predictions ebook . This year is round two, and we’ve brought together 15 experts to share their thoughts on the road ahead in 2015.

The full eBook is here, and as a bit of a teaser we’ve revealed several expert predictions.

Here is what Brad Geddes, top 25 most influential PPC expert, had to say about Digital Marketing and PPC in 2015:

brad geddes

“2015 is going to be a return to the marketing message – the ad.

The last few years, the main changes have been to tactics and metrics used by marketers, such as: attribution modeling, remarketing, automation, bid modifiers, and so forth. While these tools have allowed us to automate bidding, determine channel budgets, and reach users in new and exciting ways; in that mix, the message has become secondary.

As these targeting options have exploded, and its been hard to keep up with all the changes; marketers have been more concerned with segmenting the audiences for bidding purposes than for customizing the ad for each audience.

We’ve also seen mobile searches explode the past few years, but most marketers are still using their desktop ads to engage mobile users. We’re starting to see a very small shift from a single ad tactic to marketers considering and testing the actual message, either by tactic, by device, or in the best case scenarios – by both. This shift is essential to maintain and grow a profitable PPC campaign.

While this trend to create ads by tactic is still small, it’s going to grow into a large trend by successful advertisers in 2015.

Tactics decide where and how your ad is displayed. Metrics determine your budgets and what you are willing to pay for any one click. The actual message tells the user about your offer, qualifies the user, and starts the engagement process that can lead to a conversion.

In 2015, we’re going back to the basics of marketing – consider and test the creative.”

Be sure to check out last year’s eBook and see how accurate the predictions were, just for fun, and download the full ebook here.

2015 digital marketing predictions ebook

Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

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