2015 Search Marketing Predictions from Aaron Levy

We’re getting closer! Closer to the end of the year and closer to the release of Acquisio’s 2015 Digital Marketing Predictions eBook, featuring predictions from 15 of the biggest names in PPC.

If you’re too excited to wait a second longer for the ebook (we’re flattered), here’s a little sneak-preview from Acquisio blogger and one of the top 25 most influential PPC experts,  Aaron Levy: 

aaron levy

“I predict 2015 will be the year of automation.

Last year, I predicted a renewed focus on users. I was (sort of) right; Google’s made strides giving tools to advertisers to let them find the right person at the right time with the right message. Context over content, if you will. The myriad of tools provided allows advertisers to nearly hand pick their target audience or (if they so choose) keep on keeping on the way they always did things.

It’s become clear over the years that the masses are not doing what the engines believe are best for the user. Advertisers are still rebelling against rise of tablets (even though tablets are now replacing laptops). The past 10 years have each been the year of mobile in some way or another, but companies still believe just porting their site over and calling it “responsive” will give users what they want. Look at the recent changes in mobile ads – Google forced our hands by chopping ads in half, as they know users on the go don’t want to read 70 character ads.

This will expand even further in 2015; we as advertisers will need to focus immensely on the end user and their needs rather than trying to pinpoint the language they’re going to use. A lot of the time, this may mean giving up control to The Machines, and that’s okay (as long as you understand the context).

Keywords aren’t going to go away any time soon, but look at PLA’s as an example. Sure we can manipulate feeds to force products into certain keywords, but at the heart of it we’re relying on Google and Bing to make the right decisions for us. PLA’s have grown immensely over the past few years, and show no signs of slowing.

I predict all of us will have to get a lot more comfortable trusting platforms to make educated, data driven targeting decisions rather than struggling to maintain a stranglehold on aging tactics and tricks. I expect more bidding options to focus on demographics and user behavior. HHI and demographic bidding snuck through the window in 2014; will we see interest and topic based bid modifiers in search this year? I wouldn’t be surprised.

I hate giving up control as much as the next marketer, but 2015 will be year where automation will be the key to improved performance and operational efficiency for all advertisers, not just those with PHD’s or big data platforms.”

Stay tuned for the ebook, and more predictions from top PPC experts.

2015 digital marketing predictions ebook

Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

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