2015 Search Marketing Predictions from Marc Poirier

The wait is nearly over. Christmas decorations are up, the end of the year scramble is upon us and Acquisio’s 2015 Digital Marketing Predictions ebook is now published!

Last year we asked 14 industry leaders their thoughts on PPC in 2014, this year we’re doing 15 on ’15. We have new experts, more insights and of course, one of the most influential names in PPC, Marc Poirier, the co-founder and EVP Business Development at Acquisio, sharing his predictions for the year ahead.

Here’s what Marc had to say about PPC in 2015:

marc poirier

“Search is one of the most mature digital media channels. We are at a stage of maturity where complete automation is becoming more and more likely, especially going into 2015.

This year we started to see more areas, including retail and the SMB space, where nearly every aspect of ad creation could be fully automated and the role of humans was restricted to writing better creative, improving taxonomies, and general oversight instead of day to day management of individual accounts.

We see this best with shopping campaigns and ad formats driven more by product feeds and audiences than by keywords.

If we look at shopping campaigns, these ads are mostly automated. There is very little control for marketers to work with other than budgets and bids and campaign groupings. It’s the same for the SMB market.

As a PPC tool vendor we’re asking ourselves, “how much automation have we built already and what’s left.” At this point, there is very little left to automate. At the rate at which we are able to automate all of the features important for success in search for SMBs, we’re getting close to having fully automated solutions in place.
SEM is getting more and more sophisticated and that means it’s increasingly difficult for humans to master everything. That means the role of machines is of paramount importance.  

In 2015 we are going to see significant growth in both adoption of automated technology but also in the sophistication and the degree at which campaigns are automated, and it’s going to be more and more available.”

For more predictions, download the full ebook, The Future od Digital Marketing, 15 Expert Predictions for 2015.

2015 digital marketing predictions ebook

Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

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