AdTech NY, Review

acquisio at adtech

I just got back from AdTech New York and it was exhausting! My throat is still hoarse from chatting with so many new people, but I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything, I had an absolute blast.

Here are some of the highlights of my time in the big apple.

The Acquisio Team

One of the biggest highlights was meeting with the rest of the Acquisio crew, all of which work from separate offices. It was nice to bond with them at the booth and work together as a real team. We had a great dynamic and everyone’s spirits were high. It was such a pleasure.

I also met with our Turkish partner, Mehmet Karaca, for the first time. It was great to sync with him and see where we could help him out in order to strengthen our partner and Acquisio’s presence in Turkey.

First Demo

Another highlight was that I completed my first ever prospect Demo at the show. It was really interesting to explain our product capabilities and its benefits to a potential client, usually I just talk about our platform with existing clients or the rest of the Acquisio team.

The best way to show the value of our product was to bring the marketer through a short demo and let them navigate the rest of the way. They got to see how they would feel using our product and the reaction was great.

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is managing multiple accounts across multiple publishers and they are struggling to scale their activities because of it. As soon as we show them the platform and let them walk through it, they were surprised how easy it is to navigate. They recognize similarities with AdWords and feel reassured that they won’t have to learn a new platform completely from scratch.This experience inspired me to keep evolving our product and work towards consistently satisfy the needs and wants of our clients. 

What I learned

Mobile and video were the main focus this year at ad:tech. Many exhibitors and discussions were centered around mobile and video advertising. Maria, our display experts, was extremely confident talking about how the Acquisio Trading Desk can help agencies and advertisers with Mobile and video advertising and she discussed how to sector would continue to grow in the coming years. LIstening to her and the other experts at ad:tech was enlightening.

The trade show experience

After 3 years talking to them, I was finally able to connect with trade show organizers. They were glad to see me attending their event and I was able to chat with them and share my expectation of the show and the coming opportunities.

Even just walking around the expo hall was really interesting to see the different booths. Each set up gave me some great inspiration for what Acquisio could do next year to really stand out.

Marketing success

Recently in marketing we ran a

The success of our t-shirts was incredible. I couldn’t imagine see so many people going crazy over our shirts, we felt like celebrities handing them out!

Many people even elected the Acquisio t-shirts as the best swag of the entire expo hall, which felt great since our t-shirts has been a big part of the market scene since 2010.

Overall I learned a lot, and finally got to see all my hard work pay off in a new and exciting way.

acquisio demo



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