Acquisio Announces Strategic Partnership with Pitney Bowes

Early Tuesday morning Pitney Bowes announced their Small Business Partner Program, which included Google G Suite, Yext, DocuSign, Nimble CRM and Promote by Acquisio. The partner program elevates the value that Pitney Bowes is delivering to their clients, alongside their evolution towards digital products and services.

Pitney Bowes’ began as an industry giant in Mailing and Shipping services to small businesses over 100 years ago and today has grown to serve a million customers. Their initiative to create their Small Business Partner Program is fostering their intention to nurture a culture of digital transformation in small business. Pitney Bowes’ VP and GM of SMB, SaaS and IoT told our team in an interview earlier this week that “Enabling the commerce cloud with industry leading applications like digital marketing, productivity, eCommerce shipping etc., now allows us to offer a marketplace to easily shop, compare, purchase and install the leading solutions that solve real business problems to all our customers as well as future joint customers. We are inviting key partners we believe have the right solution for our customers.”

Promote by Acquisio completes the digital ecosystem Pitney Bowes is creating as the digital marketing application that allows small businesses to advertise on Google. The best thing Pitney Bowes likes about Promote is that “it’s so easy and just works and SMB’s see the immediate benefit with more phone calls and more revenue.”

A Culture of Digital Transformation

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new culture around digital transformation for Pitney Bowes, signifying the power of their business in the small business community. From Pitney Bowes’ perspective they are now a “digitally connected, multi-application, SaaS company” acting as a start-up, but with a million clients! Over the last century the company has undergone its own radical transformation alongside the small business community. Pitney Bowes has historically been a shipping partner for small businesses, taking the complexity out of shipping for their clients. Their initial intent now forms the ethos of what they strive to do with the partner program – create new possibilities for small businesses through innovation.

The partner program is certainly an example of just that. It’s a digital space that houses key applications serving great results to small businesses by accelerating operations and growth. “Adding these new partner applications creates an entirely new and improved client experience, while offering tremendous value to businesses looking to more effectively connect with clients,” Pitney Bowes said in their press release. With one million clients, the partners in the program have a lot to gain as well by intersecting with Pitney Bowes’ customer base. The program is forming the foundation of new possibilities for all stakeholders involved, especially the small business owner.

Promote Gives Pitney Bowes’ Customers Access to Digital Advertising

Acquisio is extremely proud to be one of the named Pitney Bowes partners adding value to their digital ecosystem and fostering their innovation-driven culture of small business transformation. At least one million small business owners will now have access to the power of Promote through Pitney Bowes.

Including Promote in the partnership was important for Pitney Bowes to be able to offer their clients an all-in-one digital advertising solution. Alongside the culture of digital transformation is the ongoing necessity for marketing and small business growth. However with limited budgets, successful advertising campaigns have not really been accessible to small business owners before Promote.

Acquisio’s well-known CEO, Marc Poirier, spoke about Promote at Google’s New York City office Tuesday, where the partnership was announced. He explained how Acquisio began by serving larger advertisers, optimizing and addressing challenges they faced running ads on Google.

And it was through this journey that Acquisio began serving organizations like Yellow Pages, who served a large number of smaller businesses. As we began servicing the needs of their clients we became very good at providing technology to automate their processes and optimize campaign results for small businesses.

Figuring out how to optimize performance on very small budgets took a lot of data science, a lot of time, R&D, and of course risk. We discovered that through machine learning algorithms and technology that we could do what no one else has been able to in the SEM community – help small businesses successfully acquire new customers on Google with very low budgets. That is what we’re delivering to Pitney Bowes’ customers with our product, Promote.

Watch the full Pitney Bowes Small Business Partner Program announcement from Google NYC Tuesday morning below:


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Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

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