Interview: Pitney Bowes Small Business Partner Program

Alongside Google G Suite, Yext, DocuSign and more, Acquisio is proud to be part of the new Pitney Bowes Small Business Partner Program announced today from Google’s NYC office.

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The partner program will accelerate innovation and enhance client value for Pitney Bowes’ 1 million SMB customers. Pitney Bowes has been a leader in small business products and services for the last 100 years, so it’s no surprise that their team is pulling their weight to help other businesses transition towards the digital economy.

Pitney Bowes has incredible leadership and an inspiring vision that we wanted to share with our readers. Below we’ve interviewed Subo Guha, Pitney Bowes’ VP and GM of SMB, SaaS and IoT, to get his insights on the transition from print to digital and where he sees the future of the company.

How would you describe Pitney Bowes’ transition from print to digital services?

Pitney Bowes has been going through major transformations, reflecting the market’s rapid adoption of digital services, in addition to existing physical print services SMBs use for communicating with their customers and partners. Pitney Bowes has augmented new digital services to complement physical services, ranging from:

  • automating physical and digital delivery
  • new IoT (Internet of Things) services to enable more automated services and new digital services like automated ink replenishment
  • enabling and managing physical and digital addresses
  • building location based intelligence to build audience and customer look-alikes to help customers better identify new customers

Do you think SMBs are aligned with the movement towards digital services and operations?

Most customers are open to adopting new digital services, mainly because of the advantage they provide. One area we’ve seen rapid adoption in is the area of Software as a Service (SaaS) because it allows SMBs to get new applications and pay only for when they use them, versus having to invest in IT resources. Our customers have been barraged with numerous digital services from many vendors and I constantly hear them say – “I get too many vendors saying they can help grow my business, but I need something simple where I can see business results.” So the ROI of a digital service is very important for our customers. When you get to the smallest business with less than 10 employees, we have seen broader adoption when the digital services are simple and demonstrate immediate results.

What kind of challenges do Pitney Bowes’ customers face?

We see common problems across the industry, mainly the SMB’s need to grow and reduce costs. They are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. In addition, the digital economy is creating new and faster ways to interact with customers, including social and mobile, so SMBs are worried about staying ahead of the competition. In this new digital era, anyone can set up an online store in hours, so the barrier to become a competitor in any industry is lessened.

Why was it important that Pitney Bowes create a Commerce Cloud with complementary partnerships?

The commerce cloud along with the new digital partner ecosystem is vitally important to the future of Pitney Bowes. We need to have a very secure and scalable platform to deliver SaaS, Data, Mobile, IoT and other new services in a common way with the most robust technologies. That’s why we built the Commerce Cloud around industry leaders from SalesForce, Google, Okta, VMware and others so we can have the most scalable commerce cloud to deliver to millions of customers. Enabling the commerce cloud with industry leading applications like digital marketing, productivity, eCommerce shipping etc., now allows us to offer a marketplace to easily shop, compare, purchase and install the leading solutions that solve real business problems to all our customers as well as future joint customers. We are inviting key partners we believe have the right solution for our customers. We want to relieve our customers with simple solutions that they can adopt over time, saving time and money to run their operations.

What will Pitney Bowes look like 10 years from today?

Pitney Bowes will be a major technology company that powers commerce across the globe. This will include Software/SaaS solutions, mobile applications, and a host of additional applications and services that will help a multitude of customers from SMBs to large Enterprise and Online Retailers. Our services, like the recently announced SendPro C series, will be integrated into different devices as well. Pitney Bowes will be an integral provider in the online commerce marketplace and delivery of key software and services to help customers identify, locate, communicate and ship with their customers and partners.


We would like to sincerely thank Subo Guha, Pitney Bowes’ VP and GM of SMB, SaaS and IoT, for taking the time to share his insights with our team! For more information about our partnership with Pitney Bowes read the press release here.


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