Use One-Click Segments to Drive Keyword Zoom

The Keyword Zoom feature is best applied to your most active and important keywords. To quickly identify them, use the one-click segmentation features in ClickEquations.

Zooming on Head Keywords

The one-click head segment is a customizable feature that allows you to identify those keywords that are most important or influential on your  business. By default, we create a ‘head’ segment of the keywords that drove 80% of your revenue over the past 30 days. But you can configure your own definition of head keywords in the Settings tab. Choose to find top keywords based on Clicks, Revenue, or Cost. The right choice depends on your business:

  • Retailers will want to use Revenue or Cost.
  • Lead-Gen or B2B firms will likely choose Cost or Clicks.
  • Media firms would likely use Clicks or Cost.

head defined settingsNext, Define the date range (use a long one to wash out individual events or short-term bursts) and the threshold percentage. Experiment with threshold percentages, between 70 and 90 – again the right answer depends on your business and account performance. Remember that the ‘head’ keywords are reassigned based on your definition only once each week – on Sunday night. So if you change your settings, check back the following Monday morning to see the effect. And only keywords and performance on the Search Network(s) are included – no content or display network keywords are included in the counts. To use the Head Keywords segment to prioritize for Keywords Zoom:

  1. Choose the ‘Head Keywords Only’ command from the Filters and Views menu
  2. Sort by the metric used to define your head keywords (Revenue, Clicks, or Cost)
  3. Select the top keyword, click the Keyword Zoom icon
  4. Tune, Tune, Tune.

Filter For Better Zooming

Another – simpler and more generic – way to find keywords that are good candidates for Keyword Zoom is to use a saved filter. The characteristics of a keyword that can usually be helped by Keyword Zoom include a good number of clicks (usually 10 or more), a broad or phrase match type, and position on the search network (as opposed to content/display). If you define (and save) the following filter you can view only these keywords with just one click. kw zoom filter Creating this filter applies it, and in the future you can choose it from the Apply Saved Filter menu. Then just sort by Clicks and start zooming.

Zoom Anywhere

These are just two ways to prioritize to find opportune places to use Keyword Zoom to improve your results (like we did). You can also use it on your brand keywords (using the one-click brand segmentation feature) or just search/filter/sort on criteria that make sense to you. If there are queries there is actionable information. As you spend time with this new feature, we’d love to hear your comments on how you’re using it and the results you’re able to achieve.

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