Quality Score Changes Revealed in ClickEquations

All the recent talk about Quality Score got me to finally figure out how to build a ClickEquations Analyst template that I’ve been wanting to for some time now.

It shows you all the keywords whose Quality Score has changed from the prior period. It could be yesterday vs the day before, this week vs last week, or last month vs the month before.

So you can try to figure out why. Or make a new bidding decision. Or just marvel at the mysteries of Google.

Like all ClickEquations Analyst reports, to use it you simply open Microsoft Excel, open the report, and open the ‘Quick-Change’ palette to select the date range you like to report on.

Click Apply and hold your breath, in this case, for about 90 seconds.

The image above shows a zoom-in on the core data the report provides. There is one tab in Excel for the Quality Score gainers and another for the losers.

qs-report-large Click the thumbnail image to the left to see an enlarged full page of the ‘Gainers’ report.

This new report will be released to ClickEquations clients as an Analyst template set update in the very near future.

If you can’t wait that long, email support and we’ll get you a copy.

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