supercharge your corporate youtube channel

How to Supercharge Your Corporate YouTube Channel

In my last post I went over how to get started on Instagram, and I thought I’d continue the trend with a post on how to navigate another popular social media channel, YouTube.

YouTube is not just a social media channel and it’s not just a search engine, it’s a platform that can power and transform an entire business. I’m incredibly passionate about YouTube. Today, I want to share some tips on how you can supercharge your own corporate YouTube channel.

supercharge corporate youtube

Tip 1: Consistency Is Key

Anyone who has been blogging for a while will view my first tip as an obvious one. That said, it’s worth including as the foundation of any great content marketing program. YouTube requires consistency. Make sure to upload new videos on a regular basis. Choose a schedule that is realistic and sustainable. Ideally, I recommend at least one new video per week. However, if that’s too much, pick a schedule that works for you. And, don’t worry if you don’t get traction right away. The views will come, over time. Just keep going!

Tip 2: Leverage YouTube for Long-Form Content

In my opinion, YouTube is starting to replace traditional TV. YouTube is an excellent choice for housing your long-form video content. I always recommend videos that are at least 3 minutes. Go into great depth, offer true insights, communicate everything you know to your audience. Consider leveraging other platforms such as Instagram and Periscope for your shorter-form videos.

Tip 3: Leverage YouTube Analytics to Program Future Content

After you upload a variety of videos, you will quickly notice that some gain traction and others don’t. YouTube Analytics is truly insightful. Take advantage of YouTube’s free analytics platform to understand your consumer. Understand which videos are working and which are not. Invest in content that works and allow analytics to drive your future programming.

Tip 4: Drive Traffic to Your Website With YouTube Cards

I’m a huge fan of YouTube cards, a new feature that allows you to overlay marketing messages on your videos. My favorite YouTube Card is the one that allows you to drive consumers to your website. The newer cousin to YouTube Annotations, these powerful cards work across both desktop and mobile devices. Make use of YouTube Cards and funnel consumers from your YouTube channel to your website.

Tip 5: Build Great Playlists

I’m a tremendous fan of YouTube Playlists for two reasons. First, playlists index well in search results. Make sure your playlists are marked as public, and they will help drive additional consumers to your YouTube videos. Second, playlists offer an amazing way to organize content on your personal YouTube channel. Leverage playlists of your own videos to logically organize your channel’s homepage.

Tip 6: Invest In a Great Selfie Stick

This may sound like a silly tip, but I’m being serious here. If you’re vlogging, the selfie stick is an amazing invention, one that has revolutionized your ability to shoot great video on a consistent basis (remember tip 1?). I recommend a Bluetooth selfie stick with a button to turn video on and off. Bring your selfie stick everywhere you go, since you never know when you will find inspiration for your next big YouTube video! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be helpful.

Tip 7: Welcome Your New Users

Create a special welcome video for new users. Everyone who visits your channel (who hasn’t been there before) will see this video. Make sure to capture the consumer’s attention, speak with an authentic voice, and offer great value. I recommend setting your welcome video to auto-play when someone new arrives on your channel.

Tip 8: Upload a Creative Header Image

Consumers are watching YouTube across all devices. You want a truly flexible header image that looks great everywhere. I recommend uploading a 2560×1440 image with your logo centered. Make sure to QA it across devices. I have found that this strategy works incredibly well, although requires some testing to get it just right.

Tip 9: Link to Social Media On Channel Art

On your about page, you have the ability to link to your company’s social media profiles and external websites. You also have the ability to show the links on your channel art (your main header image referenced in tip 8). Make sure to opt in to this feature to make it easy for consumers to connect with you.

Tip 10: It’s All About Community

Consumers will really engage with your content on YouTube. Make sure to monitor your community via the Creator Studio area. Respond to new comments. Vote up comments that you like. A happy community will support your channel and drive channel growth. A vibrant community will also drive new ideas for future videos.

Tip 11: Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Subscribers are your core audience who will truly support your brand on YouTube. Always ask for subscriptions. You don’t want to overdo it, but there is nothing wrong with a friendly subscription request at the end of each video.

Tip 12: Invest In SEO 101

Invest in great video titles, descriptions, and tags. Invest the time to do it right. These SEO 101 basics carry a lot of weight on YouTube and will help your videos gain more views. I also always link to my website in my YouTube descriptions. If someone is reading your description, this offers a really easy way to click over to your website.

Tip 13: Don’t Over-Think Things

You’ll have to make a tradeoff on YouTube between throughput and perfection. I always strive for quality, but recommend falling on the throughput camp here. It’s ok to not over-think things. It’s ok if your production does not look perfect. In fact, that home-brewed style may resonate even more with viewers since it’s your authentic self and not a polished corporate image.

Have fun with YouTube and don’t over-think things! And, for the perfectionists out there, leverage YouTube Creator Studio’s free features of video editing.


Ian Lopuch

Ian Lopuch

Ian Lopuch is a digital marketer, technology executive, investor, and blogger. Lopuch enjoys educating, empowering, and helping others grow their careers.

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