Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-04-17)

  • Dave Winer is fascinating. Man that guy can think & write. Doesn’t mean he’s perfect BTW. But we all owe him.
  • A smart view of Google and the role it plays on the ‘net.
  • Step One is important 🙂 RT @ravindra1982: How To Get 10/10 AdWords Quality Score
  • RT @richardlaksana: Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog » Know the (Quality) Score #
  • Silly Quality Score Tweet of the Day: DT @gbutton: Any of you bloggers out there want to trade some links? Go go Google quality score!
  • RT @SEOSEM: Dear MSN, now you tell me there is a “subjective” quality score for my PPC campaigns? holy crap, you must be kidding me!!
  • Let’s be honest: Quality Score is euphemism for ‘Yield Management Index’ – tells engine how much money they’ll make off keyword.
  • Anyone asking about Facebook or Twitter killing Google has never been on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Or they’re a journo link-bait moron.
  • How can a small (in broad terms) PPC Agency report macro trends with a straight face? And real news sites run ’em?
  • Van engulfed in flames is unusual thing to see on way to work.
  • ClickEquations and CQ Analyst reporting performance, already fast, turbo-charged next release. It’s fun playing at new speeds.
  • RT @jonathanmendez: Truer now than it was a year ago: Platforms, Applications & the Future of Digital Marketing
  • Completing first analysis of impact of various revenue allocation models on ppc keywords – feature in our next release.
  • RT @rimmkaufman: Paid Search Buying Cycle: More scratchings on the so called PPC buying cycle.
  • #PPC ppl should think about keywords more like SEO ppl. Aim specific not broad. Think user desires not biz concepts
  • I vote for a 2 tweets/hour limit per person. Like the 140 constraint it would force selectivity and brevity.
  • Unlimited DM’s BTW – I’d want to encourage those! Shift all these single target tweets onto the back channel.
  • Anyone want to buy a boatload of omniture wa pages cheap? DM me.
  • Vastly overstates landing page issues. DT @adwords4gurus: Some facts about AdWords quality score:
  • RT @ajkohn Solid write up of Quality Score Facts and
  • Another bad advice contest may be needed: DT @adwords4gurus: Powerful AdWords bidding strategies:
  • impressed by Google’s results – – in horrible Q1 economy rev down just 3% vs holiday quarter. G2BG (Good to be Google)
  • New Post: What SEO’s can teach you about choosing keywords for #PPC.
  • RT@perrymarshall Vid shows $$ impact of quality score – This Explains Why:
  • Thinking of spending a few hundred $ on some affiliate-hype-meister #adwords ‘systems & ebooks’ to then praise or savage. Good idea?
  • RT @lmMatto: The Pirate Bay guys got a year in jail plus they have to pay out $3.6 million. Its been a bad week for pirates.
  • Good QS Article: RT @Hakicoma: RT @lorenbaker: Demystifying Quality Score & the Click Thru Rate Factor
  • RE: last RT: More on finding your Quality Score Average – – and Video on QS Distributions

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