The Preface: Quality Score in High Resolution

Quality Score is a relatively new and not broadly understood component of Google Adwords. It’s a magic, semi-secret, and constantly changing number that determines when and where your ads appear, and how much you pay for clicks. Google has described and defined Quality Score, but the official information is less than entirely clear, complete, and forthright. We don’t know exactly how quality score is calculated or applied. As a result, the internet is filled with half-truths, assumptions, interpretations, silliness, rumors, and bad advice surrounding Quality Score. This (ebook) is an attempt to gather the known truth, clarify what is probably true about the officially unknown, debunk the clearly untrue, and most importantly provide clear and actionable recommendations about how PPC managers can act in their best interest where Quality Score is concerned. ============= About This Post This series of blog posts did eventually become a book about quality score – in June 2011 ‘Quality Score in High Resolution‘ will be released. More details and ordering information can be found here.

Other Posted Chapters:

  1. Preface: Quality Score in High Resolution
  2. Chapter 1: Quality Score in High Resolution
  3. Chapter 3: Reviewing Official Google Quality Score Information.
  4. Chapter 4: Why Google Has Quality Score (Pt 1 and Pt 2)


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