Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2008-12-12)

  • Google says they held a Quality Score webinar Tues and exposed new truths. Anyone have URL? #
  • – Leaving Salt Lake & Search Media Summit #
  • Omniture says they see only 1.2 visits per conv. Building clickequations analyst report showing % of conv that are multi-visit w/assists #
  • – Search engines 1994 – My Lycos spyder t-shirt #
  • Built First Page Bid report in ClickEquations Analyst in 30 mins. Fast access to great info. Free to clients or trials. #
  • Going to build one that shows keywords sorted by week/week and mo/mo quality score changes next. Geez this thing is cool! #
  • In monthly sprint planning meeting. Some major new capabilities getting tackled. #
  • ClickEquations Analyst used for first time today to merge data pulled out of Omniture SiteCatalyst – powerful integrated reporting. #
  • Wondering about distribution of QS at each level for keywords in our accounts.Building a ClickEquations Analyst report – will know soon. #
  • First analyzed client is 53% QS = 7, 23% QS=8, 11% QS=9. Starting to look at correlation between QS and revenue & volume. SEM Geek Coolio! #
  • 2nd client QS Analysis – 43% QS=1, 28% QS=9, 18% QS=8, 8% QS = 7. Pretty smooth curve. Still not sure what it means, eager to figure it out. #
  • Looking forward to recommendations from Mr Tweet. #
  • 3rd Quality Score Summary – Largest Data Set Yet. 8% QS=10, 11% QS=9, 46% QS=8, 31% QS=7. There aren’t many QS<5 anywhere. Talent or … #
  • Getting competitive research read-out from local university students. #
  • Webinars Next Week. Intro To ClickEquations Tues @ 1pm EST -or- New Client Training Tues @ 4pm EST #
  • Upgrading the ClickEquations blog to WordPress 2.7 – couldn’t resist. #


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