Quality Score Analysis

I’m still rather obsessed with the new Quality Score metric available in the Adwords API and now inside of ClickEquations. I’ve been using it to analyze performance of keywords in our PPC accounts, and doing some analysis of client data to try and understand the relationship between Quality Score and performance. Trending is going to be the most interesting, but the data history is still too short for much of that. But I’ve built this cool account snapshot in ClickEquations analyst that shows what percent of the keywords in an account are getting what Quality Score, and how each level is performing. quality-score-analysis

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This template counts the keywords by Quality Score level, and plots them on a chart against revenue from each keyword group. Clearly there are other contributors – brand terms are more likely to be QS=10 for example, but in running this against nearly a dozen different accounts thus far I’ve seen that the patterns are not consistent – your choices drive quality score, it’s not uniformly applied. ClickEquations clients and trial customers can have this template free of charge – just contact your support representative. To learn more about Quality Score.



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