Mobile PPC Provides Instant Gratification

In a world of fast food, same-day delivery and high-speed internet connections, our customers demand instant gratification. When they want your products or services, they want it now! If your business primarily relies on phone calls to create conversions, then you will surely benefit from this mobile PPC strategy I’m about to share with you.

On average, conversion rates from e-commerce websites range from 2% to 8%, whereas conversion rates from call center based websites can range from 10% to upwards of 40%. This is both due to the fact you’re providing immediate assistance as well as the fact that you’re eliminating steps in the conversion funnel where the consumer might have otherwise dropped off. When you start sending mobile traffic to these call center based websites, you get some very interesting results. We have seen examples of mobile users generating as little as 30% of total traffic, but created up to 70% of the total conversions.

Segment & Regain Control

I’ve said this in one of my previous posts about AdWords campaign structure and I’ll say it again, segmentation is the key to success. If you’re a call center based business, you should segment your mobile traffic from desktop and tablet traffic into different campaigns. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Google upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns to make it easier to manage mobile and desktop traffic within the same campaigns, but if you want to do it better, you need to take control back from Google.

Here’s How To Segment Mobile Traffic

Segmenting mobile and desktop traffic into different campaigns is not completely straightforward since AdWords does not give an option for targeting only mobile traffic. Start by duplicating your desktop campaign into a new mobile-only campaign. In this new campaign you are going to want to decrease all bids by 66% and then apply a bid modifier to increase mobile bids by 300%. What this does is ensures your new mobile campaign is only gaining mobile traffic and not desktop traffic, since you decreased those bids by 66%.

Be Aggressive

Remember, a mobile search result page only displays five AdWords ads instead of the usual ten. We have seen an increase in click-through rate up to 300% if you’re in the top two ad spots versus the bottom three ad spots. This is your chance to bid aggressively for the top two spots if you know you can convert that traffic into paying customers.

Avoid The Landing Page

In some cases, it might be beneficial to avoid sending potential customers to a landing page, prompt a call instead. Add call extensions to your mobile ads and give your mobile user the option to “click-to-call” immediately. This goes back to the fact conversion rates are dramatically higher from phone calls. If the user is ready to talk to you then by all means, let them right away!

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Maria Perilli

Maria Perilli

Maria Perilli is the Vice President of Marketing and Operations at PPC Professionals. Maria is a seasoned online marketing professional with over 7 years experience. She honed her holistic marketing approach by overseeing all channels of marketing, including PPC, SEO, email marketing and social media marketing while working for various companies. Maria has that rare combination of people skills, deep knowledge of subject matter and an ability to provide hands-on solutions to complex problems. She is a collaborator on the AdWords Best Practices Tutorial created by PPC Professionals.

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