Canada’s Best Female Cycling Team Gets Even More Support!

Hard work and dedication always pays off, and Canada’s number one Women’s Cycling Team, SAS Macogep Acquisio, is living proof! Acquisio is already a proud, long-time sponsor of this team of amazing female athletes, and now SAS Macogep Acquisio is receiving even more support.

Castelli cycling clothing and MV Canada just announced new sponsorship of SAS Macogep for the team’s ongoing season. One of the premiere athletic-wear brands for cyclists, the new partnership means the women of SAS Macogep Acquisio will be able to ride in style as they compete in cycling competitions all around the world in 2017.

“We are very excited to work with Gérard Penarroya, the president and sport director of the team […] and to unify our force with great companies such as SAS, Macogep, Acquisio, Mazda and Argon 18 in support of this amazing team,” said Pierre Perron, General Manager of MV Canada, the Canadian distributor of Castelli.

A Story of Success and Determination

SAS Macogep Acquisio is made up of nine amazingly talented athletes; the team is currently ranked as the second-best female cycling team in North America. But the team wasn’t always at this level. Since Acquisio began supporting SAS Macogep Acquisio, the team rose the sporting-ladder from a provincial, to national, to the team’s current international standing. And they’re only getting better!

Screenshot of Canada Female Cycling Team from Facebook

Back in January, the team received a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) women’s road license. SAS Macogep Acquisio was the only team in Canada to receive a UCI license and the distinction will provide funds to help the team compete in World Cup races all around Europe.

“We also recognize the growing importance of women’s participation in cycling and will use the team as a platform to better communicate the attributes of our brand to women cyclists,” Perron also said. And there’s no doubt in our mind that SAS Macogep Acquisio will do that, and more! The team always strives to be the best and they have their eyes set on a gold medal win at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Castelli’s new sponsorship will no-doubt help in getting them there.

Supporting Inspiring Female Athletes

A team with strong ties to the Quebec community, SAS Macogep Acquisio is a shining example of what a group of people can accomplish with a little bit of support. Acquisio is overjoyed to support the SAS Macogep Acquisio team alongside Castelli, because this is a group of women who are strong role models for any aspiring athlete. We can’t wait for the team to showcase their talents all around the world. Get ready Olympic Games, because the women of the SAS Macogep Acquisio team are cycling your way soon!


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Featured Image: Facebook/SAS Macogep Acquisio Page

Screenshots by Chandal Nolasco da Silva. Taken March 2017.

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

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