Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-03-20)

  • Didn’t the Microsoft Analytics suck anyway? Hasn’t every MS search thing sucked? (except some lab tools) ‘Til they buy Yahoo, who cares?
  • Rest of the day working on my ebook ‘High Resolution PPC’ – Need to finish this dang thing! Twitter, please leave me alone for a while…
  • RT @PPCPROZ: RT @MartinAssmann: A lot of favicons in Google AdWords Ads. A result of todays maintenance?
  • Another ‘I’ve got the secrets’ scam, but have to admire his ability to write hype-driven copy devoid of content.
  • RT @dberkowitz: hot tip: David Meerman Scott’s ew book World Wide Rave is free on Kindle, iPhone through Tues #
  • How about a @wefollow widget/service that automatically follows anyone who self-selects into a certain tag group?
  • Watching the FutureNow OnTarget Video.
  • Editing a Quality Score article for the spring issue of Electronic Retailer magazine.
  • 3 hours left to enter. #PPC advertisers, drawing tomorrow for free year of ClickEquations.
  • The process of choosing our winner has begun.
  • Contest Winner Selected via two stage process. First, each person at ClickEquations chose a number within the range of our follower count.
  • Then these randomly chosen numbers were placed in a hat, shaken profusely, and our CEO @LucindaDH picked the winner. Announce tomorrow AM.
  • Thanks to everyone who now follows us, we’ll cool the promo’s and get to hard core #PPC tweets for a while.
  • Just did a live guest shot on #ppcrockstars while driving to little league practice. Go listen live.
  • DeTweet @thegoogleguy: reduced bounce rate = better QS! (There has been no official suggestion that bounce rate is a QS Factor) Pure Rumor.
  • ‘if it bothers you you’re a moron’ -Jackie Mason ends the debate about offensive speach.
  • Disabling FaceBook Connect on Disques blog comments because it obscures every referring URL in WordPress.
  • ClickEquations Contest Winner is @george_revutsky of ROI Works wins a free year of our #ppc management platform.
  • RT @searchbeest: Why in God’s name are keywords case sensitive in Adwords Editor?
  • RT @szetela: The Importance of the Display URLs in #PPC Ads:
  • iPhone SW 3.0 looks awesome. Bet there is a new iPhone model or 2 by the time it hits in June. Can’t wait.
  • RT @adCenterBlog: New Post: adCenter Announces New Conversion Tracking Options
  • Search is often amazing. But search often still sucks. Still, it seems funny for Microsoft to be pointing this out.
  • Point clarified in the new QS google video , if your ad is right above mine, my MaxCPC is your ActualCPC.. Hadn’t realized that.
  • So failed attempts to get TOP rather than SIDE position, by raising CPC can cost competitors money, possibly not you. Complexities abound.
  • DeTweet’ing My Own Tweets – Letting the Google QS Video sink in for a few days and I twisted it around. My earlier tweets plain wrong.
  • Going to really dive into it and write a big blog post – better place for such an important point. Thanks @JezChatfield for correction.
  • Mr. Watson – Come Here. I Need You. Alright, not that huge but I think I figured out something helpful. Details soon.
  • RT @prebynski: Kevin Lee’s “The Truth About Pay-Per-Click” @ #ppc #pay-per-click (Just bought Kindle Edition!)
  • Quality Score Economics Revealed: New blog post details how QS raises or lowers your CPC.
  • Bad news: Newark airport. Good news: Destination Steamboat CO
  • ClickEquations booth, demos, & team will be at SES NY without me – stop by say hi.

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