Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-03-13)

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  • There is a free lunch. Monday 3/9 in SF, CA – We’re buying for any of our followers that would like to join us. DM for details.
  • ? from my 8/yo: Dad, doesn’t everyone who makes a website *kinda* work for Google?
  • What do you call ClickFraud Fraud? (Generally I think you call it the anti-ClickFraud industry) 
  • New Post: A proposal for next gen #Affiliate Marketing (Or ‘how to get most spam and gunk off the internet’).
  • Heading to visit with @avinashkaushik
  • All morning in ‘sprint’ review and planning, great to see new features and fun to plan what’s coming next.
  • Anyone using a ‘first click’ revenue allocation model that could answer some questions?
  • RT @avinashkaushik: Am quite proud of Google being Googley & creating innovative privacy controls:
  • Tagging. Arhrgghrr.
  • Adwords back-dates revenue credit to date of most recent PPC click, everyone else (GA Included) assigns to date of conversion. Right?
  • Is there a simple way to read tweets of all followers, without following them? (To check ’em out). Anything allow this?
  • Tons of referrers on our blog lately, what the heck are these?
  • Demo’s and meetings in NYC today. If Jersey lets me through.
  • Follow @ClickEquations by Sunday to win a free year of ClickEquations PPC Software – up to $240K Value – Details:
  • If you have brand keywords mixed in adgroups with non-brand keywords, you’ve got work to do.
  • When you’re confident enough to make your brand a campaign negative everywhere except pure brand campaigns, you’re done.
  • Google Voice transcription great. Full iPhone app for GV now next wish.
  • RT @alter_ego_kma: NYC Agency brood, killer event coming…May 212NYC : “Search Engine Marketing for the TImes” @lieblink moderating.
  • Time I spend on reading blogs/RSS has been cut by twitter. I don’t think the signal/noise ratio here is nearly as high. What to do?
  • RT @barrybyers: Google video on #Adwords CPC and quality score.
  • New Google Quality Score video is very good – – Especially explaining impact of QS on rank, and CPC. 
  • GoogleVoice has new outbound dialing option when you check VM from your cell.
  • Listening to PPC Rockstars clickfraud episode. Very good one. Will blog some reactions.
  • ClickEquations Client & Trial User Training Webinar today 1pm EST – Register: – Learn new editor, bid rules etc.
  • RT @digitalalex: Great plugin to use Google Website Optimizer on WordPress sites –
  • Stewart eviscerates Cramer while exposing how TV Journalists have failed us in everything not Paris Hilton.
  • I got a preview of something awesome and new for ClickEquations today – I want to share but shouldn’t yet. Still felt compelled to tweet.


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