Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-03-06)

  • Previewing a killer new e-book on paid search on the content network. Release coming soon – written by a friend to us all – watch for it.
  • RT @dannysullivan: @andrew_goodman enters twitter. you want to know adwords, you want to follow andrew
  • RT @tedmurphy: I am giving away 250,000 amex points via Twitter.
  • New Ultimate Ears 5vi’s to get me through a 12 hour travel day. Will be writing about PPC, so this is relevant…
  • What if same bookmark is posted in a forum, or emailed around, should keyword get credit for all resulting sales?
  • In Windows7, like in Vista, an app running in Admin mode gets *less* capable. Great! Can I run in ‘limited’ mode and get more?
  • RT @ppchero: Keywords inherit Quality Score, at least initially, from previous/other users.
  • The very wise (and very funny) @avinashkaushik speaks. Everyone should listen.
  • Is Broad Match the ultimate keyword research tool? Serious Question.
  • #Adwords bid suggest for KW ‘ppc management’ is $15.21. Is there something ironic about that?
  • If Adwords is so smart, what’s the point of splitting traffic across identical text-ads with identical visible and target URLs in 1 AG?
  • I would pay for a negative keyword list in TweetDeck. Many things I just don’t want to hear about.
  • Free year of ClickEquations #PPC Platform will be given away in 10 days. Just follow to enter.
  • RT @joshk: This post made me feel safer on the plane (& more scared in the taxi to the airport):
  • DKI uses Keyword not Query in Broad or Phrase. Just learned that from comment to this post
  • Twitter may drown us all in tips for #PPC and #Adwords. We many need a national no-tips-please day to implement the good ones.
  • Friday Follow @yourppcsucks

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