Ten Unique Features of ClickEquations

How is ClickEquations different than other paid search / bid management tools?

That’s a question we’ve been getting a lot since our recent introduction.

Here’s a quick list of ten capabilities we think set us apart.

1) Search Queries
ClickEquations captures and displays the actual query each user types, matched with the keyword it triggered and the match type of that keyword. I’ve written about the importance of seeing search queries extensively in the past, as without them it’s nearly impossible to accurately tune your keywords, match types, and bids.

Google Adwords itself provides only keywords at the ad-group level (you can’t see each matched against a specific keyword) which eliminates a lot of the benefit of this important data. Adwords also shows a much smaller percentage of the queries – a lot get lost in the ‘Other Unique Query’ count. I just checked one of our active ad-groups for the last 7 days, and Google only provided 33% of the queries while ClickEquations provided 80% of them.

2) Item-Level Conversion Details
ClickEquations captures item-level conversion data. It’s not enough to know you made a sale. You need to know you sold three blue shirts and a green hat. Or had a newsletter sign-up and four downloads.

Google and Yahoo Conversion tracking, and other simpler conversion trackers don’t provide this ‘SKU level’ detail.

3) Net Profit/ROI Calculation
ClickEquations enables net profit and true ROI to be calculated based on the margin (or value) of each conversion event, and displayed for each campaign, adgroup, and keyword.

Neither Adwords nor Yahoo, MSN, or even Google Analytics enable you to define margins to calculate real profit or returns.

4) Google Impression Share
ClickEquations displays Google Impression Share as an integrated metric in our Campaign reports. This important metric isn’t visible in Adwords Campaign Management or in any other PPC management tool. If you want to grow your campaigns, regularly monitoring your IS is critical.

5) TrueMetrics
ClickEquations delivers proprietary value-add metrics that provide important insights into your campaigns and ad-groups. These include our ClickShare metric which shows opportunity in AdGroups and Keywords, and ClickVariance which tells you when keywords are improperly grouped.

6) Performance
ClickEquations is fast. There was no gripe larger or inefficiency as great for us using other tools or working across three engine interfaces than extremely slow redraws and cumbersome interfaces.

In ClickEquations reports render in literally a few seconds, and account navigation and filtering are always at your fingertips.

7) Report Customization
ClickEquations allows you to see what you want to see how you want to see it. It starts with over 40 default reports many of which are tailored to specific tasks paid search managers perform many times each day, and each one can be customized and saved to display the data and sort orders you find most efficient.

8 ) Audit Reports
ClickEquations provides special detailed reports to help answer the common question – how come that report doesn’t align with this one? When you need to verify data between analytics and paid search, or with your backend systems, our rich audit reports help pin-point exactly which clicks and conversions are tracking properly.

9) Multi-Account Ready
ClickEquations supports agencies or large advertisers with multiple search accounts per engine. Just click to switch between accounts, and create powerful roll-up reports and dashboards.

10) ClickEquations Analyst within Microsoft Excel
ClickEquations provides live data feeds right into Excel 2003 or 2007 – with anytime one-button data refresh. This powerful plug-in supports our pre-defined reports and dashboards, lets you build your own from scratch, and can even be shared with other ClickEquations users.

Want to learn more? Attend one of our upcoming webinars, or get yourself a free 30-day trial.



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