New ClickEquations Interviews

Recently we’ve done interviews with some of our favorite PPC bloggers, and some of the results are now live online.

The first is with Greg Meyers, who recently published Part-I of a discussion of Paid search: art or science?

An Excerpt:

“There is a truth to the way the search engines work, and there is an approach to managing paid search that aligns with this truth. It’s knowable and provable and repeatable. It seems that many of the so-called ideologies out there lack this grounding. The church of ‘keyword expansion’ for example tends to lack a grasp of how keyword matching really works. The church of ‘position 1 or 2’ fails the math test. The church of ‘relevance’ or ‘holistic’ is the most faith-based of them all.There’s no substitute for sharp strategy in PPC. Which segments should you target? Which products should you promote first? Should you build out the search network or the content network first? That kind of planning is based in good data, but your own human intuition and experience still have to rule.” Read the entire interview…

The next was with Garry Przyklenk of PPC-Advice, where we discuss bid management, revenue attribution, and paid search reporting.

An Excerpt:

“We would agree with your premise that the data driving a whole range of assumptions about both bid management tools and their use is generally inadequate.  Beyond that, the role of bidding within campaigns is generally misunderstood.  People seem to wish bidding would cure or resolve a huge range of issues that it can’t and won’t.  And some vendors seem willing to feed into that desire.  When you combine these two issues you get a lot of poorly designed bidding solutions pretending that they’re PPC cure-alls.  It’s a sorry state of affairs.” Read the entire interview…

Thanks to Greg and Garry for their time and interest.

If you’ve got a PPC blog and would like to talk about PPC, or review ClickEquations, let us know!

PS: If you like these, here’s one from a few month ago with Manoj Jasra at WebAnalyticsWorld.



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