Campaign Setup: The Perfect Architecture

PPC campaign setupHave you already set up a campaign that’s a hit from the very start? The kind of campaign where your campaign architecture is so well planned that as soon as you create your first 5 day report, the campaign has all the metrics you need to optimize for the real deal (Lower CPA / Increase Conv. Rate).

We recently did some research on how to reduce time-to-REAL-optimization and time-to-success. Here’s what we found out:

Leverage your own data center. Make sure it is actionable.

As campaign managers, we sit on a ton of data from previous or current campaigns. One of the steps we usually take is to classify a campaign’s data based on industry. Instead, try to get a bigger picture. Use large business categories – B2B, B2C, Retailers, E-Commerce, High-End Products, Mass-market, and more.

Define a conversion rate for each categories and potential variances based on risk assessment and brand confidence (well-known brand or a new market entry / trusted products or new product introduction).  Similar to the Beta (β) calculation in finance, built your own formula based on a specific benchmark from your own data.

This is an example of a chart that can help you build an initial key action plan to reduce time-to-success. PPC campaign data hub The benefits? You can establish a prediction of the potential outcome and automatically see what you should do from the start.  Small architecture details like reinforcing calls to action and brand support on the  landing page if you are running low on brand confidence or starting with a small volume of keywords if you know what kind of search queries users do for a specific B2B product. It could be also designing display ads with a specific call to action if you are running remarketing for a retailer. You can add a column on this chart and build actions to execute when kicking off a new campaign!

Remember, the objective is to beat the market ASAP and bring the campaign to maturity as quickly as possible.

It also adds a lot of value when prospecting for new clients. One of the challenges in our industry is to be able to sell the results and not the actual campaign.  If your data center is actionable, you can leverage powerful forecast on conversion rate, CPA, and more.



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