Preview of the Acquisio Summit

Memorial Day in the United States… A day that has so many meanings, as as we celebrate those who have served, and mark the official beginning of the summer season.

Aside from the hot weather and days at the pool, the start of summer also means that the Acquisio Summit is rapidly approaching!

It’s been 3 years since the last Summit, and I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s.

This year, I’ll be speaking on two important topics – Crafting Campaigns that Help You Win”, and “Leveraging Retargeting and Audience Targeting”. These are important topics, and ones that constantly change as the search and display landscape changes. Some of the things I’ll be covering include:

  • Designing a campaign structure that facilitates expansion
  • Developing campaign and ad group buildouts that are designed to maximize all of the power of Acquisio’s BBM algorithms
  • Using match types strategically to drive efficiency and conversions
  • Targeting all stages of the customer journey thru campaign structure
  • Using search to build the cookie pool for retargeting in a way that’s accountable and trackable
  • Measuring the impact of retargeting efforts beyond the last click
  • Finding new ways to reach your audience and drive conversions when search is tapped out or too expensive

While I’m really excited to speak to these points, the best thing about the Summit (aside from being in Montreal, of course!) is the interaction from the participants and the interesting dialog that I know will be sparked through all of the presentations.

To get tickets, check out the Summit website. See you!

acquisio summit



Lee Goldberg is the Co-Founder and President of Vector Media Group, a NYC-based digital agency focused on Search Engine Marketing and Website Development. Having worked with firms ranging from local startups to Fortune 100 companies, Lee specializes in Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics consulting, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Paid Search Management, with a particular focus on campaign attribution.

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