Marc Poirier Named Acquisio’s New President

This year saw many changes for Acquisio, one of which was the departure of President Martin Le Sauteur, who did a fantastic job of growing the company and establishing it as one of the leader’s in the industry. As Martin moves on to focus on his passions and his family, we intend to keep Acquisio moving on an upswing by welcoming Marc Poirier as the new CEO and President of Acquisio.

I had the opportunity to sit-down with Marc in his new office to ask him about this change and his vision for the company.

Q: Marc, as one of the co-founders of the company, what does it mean to you to be named CEO and to run the show again?

A: It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to once again be responsible for the future of the company. In 2008 we hired Martin because I felt at the time I didn’t have the experience required to raise all the investment money we needed to grow our business. With his help, we were able to raise tens of millions of dollars over the past few years which have been vital to the growth of Acquisio.

Thanks to him, I was able to not only gain a lot of expertise working with investors, but also I learned dozens of useful lessons in business, which have changed the way I see our company and gauge how successful we really are. I feel thrilled to have the opportunity to implement my vision and expand with the help of our brilliant team of executives.

Q: Over the last few years, you have been recognized as thought leader in the SEM industry. How do you see yourself bringing the experiences of marketing and traveling to tradeshows to your new role?

A: I’m a marketer but also deep down I’m a product guy, I love creating a product to solve a problem.

When Acquisio started we were an agency and we built our software to help solve a problem we encountered – namely automating the reporting process in PPC. We’ve been successful selling that software to hundreds of agencies, and over the years of travelling and talking to most of the thought leaders in PPC I’ve been able to identify many more problems agencies are experiencing today, which helped us build and adapt our offering. Today the product does much more than just reporting, in fact it’s one of the strongest optimization platforms in the world.

As a company, we create value through the product we sell, and as such we will focus really hard on the product to make it even more valuable for our customers, and also to make it much easier for marketers to discover Acquisio.

Q: Where do you see Acquisio going in the next 3-5 years?

A: Short term we will build better solutions for local and mobile, continue to help agencies handle a large number of accounts in an optimal way, and look at adding more value into the product so our clients do not have to think too much when they begin using our product. But if we look down the road I see Acquisio as a solution to optimize the results of advertising campaigns that span all digital channels, such as search, social, display, video, mobile but also possibly including television. The idea is to help advertisers spend money more effectively across a large number of campaigns, channels and publishers.

Q: What gets you most excited about your new role at Acquisio?

A: I’m excited to find new ways to bring our teams together and to provoke more creativity and ideas within Acquisio. Finding ways to leverage our talent pool and deliver more innovative solutions is one of the most exciting aspects of this role.

The amount of talent here is incredible. To help everyone be more creative, reach their potential and have more flexibility in their role is my ultimate goal.

But what gets me totally fired up is that we’re in a position to really kick things into high gear and accelerate our growth in a really meaningful way over the next few months, and I intend to capitalize on this opportunity in a big way!

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Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

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