Facebook Reports: like you’ve never seen ’em

You’re at work, pleasantly working on your own projects, when, out of nowhere, your boss asks for a detailed snapshot of how you’ve been optimizing a client’s latest Facebook ad campaign.

Or, maybe the client suddenly calls you directly, urgently asking to see their ROI.

What do you do?

Staying calm is a good first step, but having an at-the-ready, detailed report on all of your ongoing Facebook ad campaigns is the only solution.

Informative, easy-to-understand Facebook ad reports are incredibly important, and that goes for marketers in large companies and small startups alike.

Not only do Facebook reports provide you with all of the information you need to see how a campaign is performing, but it also allows you to show clients what great job you’re doing.

Better yet, the information compiled in these reports lets you easily track data and trends, giving you everything you need optimize your marketing strategies.

But there’s a few key components missing from a basic Facebook ad report.

For one, fully customizing the report is essentially impossible. Only a few types of graphs and tables are available to you, making your data look far from visually striking.

Even worse, the report itself can’t be modified to fit your personal brand. And actually getting the report to clients is even harder, since no automated delivery tool is available.

All of those problems are washed away with Acquisio Social’s new Facebook ad reporting feature.

Acquisio Social Facebook Reporting

Acquisio is more than thrilled to be launching the Beta version of the Acquisio Social Facebook Ad reporting, an innovative and intuitive tool that will save you both time and money.

Fully customizable, Acquisio’s Facebook ad reporting allows you to create a near-limitless amount of widgets and modules to present your data in numerous, easy-to-understand ways.

Depending on the client, create a report based on the specific metrics they care about, how the data will be broken down, and which types of graphs will showcase the data best.

In other words, create the perfect report for every single client.

Automatically delivering reports directly to clients couldn’t be easier. If you have a client who heavily relies on Facebook ads, they’re going to love getting a detailed analysis of their ongoing campaigns every day, week, or however often they like.

Crafting a white labeled report is a cinch, too. Create a unique look to every aspect of your report by choosing the font, logo, header, colours, and footer. Plus, you can save specific themes to re-use again and again.

How it Works

First off, when you’re at the Social Management dashboard, select the “Tools” header. A drop-down menu will appear, and that’s where you select “Report Generator”, as shown below.

Cross-device retargeting

Next you’ll want to hit “Create New Report” to get the ball rolling.

Now you’ll need to outline all the basic information for the report. Choose the campaign you want info on, set a name for the report, pick a time range, and then pick a theme (remember you can create your own unique theme, too!).

Click on “Proceed” and you’re on to the fun part.

You’re going to want to add some sexy graphs and tables to your report, which is what the “Add Module” button does. Select it and you’ll be able to choose which specific module you want to use.

Acquisio Social Reporting

The amount of modules you can pick from are extensive, so pick the ones you think will best display your data. Whether that’s a pie chart, line graph, or even just a chunk of free-written text, it’s up to you.

Now’s your chance to configure the module you just added to meet your specific needs.

Add in the detail level (adset, gender, age, etc.) you want in the left-hand section, then drop in a type of performance tracker (CTR, impressions, social clicks, etc.) into the right-hand section.

As soon as you’ve done that, a preview of your module will appear below. Don’t like how the information looks? No sweat! Just change the detail level and performance tracker modifiers, or just change the type of module itself.

Once you’ve created the perfect module, simply tap on “Add” in the bottom right corner and the module will be added to your report.

You can add a limitless amount of modules, so don’t stress if you can’t show everything in one graph. Add as many modules as your client needs!

After you’re all done making the perfect modules, click “Next” and you’ll be taken to a preview of what your finished report looks like.

Love everything you see? Great, then hit the “Next Step” button. You can always go back and customize to your heart’s content.

Acquisio Social Reporting

Welcome to the Delivery Methods and Export page.

To send your report directly to clients and customize how often a report is sent, hit the “Configure” button underneath the Delivery subheading.

The window that pops up provides you with everything you need to send your report to your client, or clients. Choose specific email addresses, then fill out the “Subject” and “Message” fields like you would a normal email.

Make sure to take note of the “Frequency” menu options, too, which lets you automatically send out reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Pretty nifty, we know.

For folks who want a soft copy of the report, simply click “Download PDF” under the Export column.

And you’re done! Now you have all the tools you need to make a detailed, informative, and sexy Facebook ad campaign report in a snap.


Oh, and a bonus feature! Import your Facebook ads directly into WORKBENCH (shown below) for a full, 360-degree view of your campaigns across publishers.

Cross publisher reporting

Why not try out Acquisio Social’s Facebook reporting for yourself? Learn more about the amazing tool and give it a whirl right here!

Ahmed El Wassimy

Ahmed El Wassimy

Product Growth & Design Manager at Acquisio. With a passion for simplifying the complex, Ahmed uses his spare time to develop better understanding of the implications and use cases of blockchain and tokenized securities on business and society.

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