How to Create a Lasting Brand Identity

Branding is an essential part of achieving your business goals and overall company success. Creating a lasting brand identity is a process that needs to be monitored and nurtured over time. Your brand image can be your greatest asset or you biggest liability.

Branding Basics

Branding is the message you share with your consumers. It’s the reason your clients should care about your business, and ideally it’s the reason your business exists in the first place. How well you follow through on this message determines how you are perceived by the public. Your brand represents who your company is through all levels of it’s existence, including language, design, packaging, customer service, interaction and more.

The greatest thing you can achieve with your brand is trust. Delivering what you promised and staying consistent with your brand image creates a happy more loyal customer, every time. By staying consistent with your brand identity and ideology your company reinforces its values, drilling them into the minds of customers and (ideally) and creating customer loyalty among consumers who share those values.

One failed promise or an inconsistent marketing campaign can put doubt in consumers’ minds and be potentially devastating for a growing brand. Exceeding customer expectations is a sure way to strengthen your brand’s identity and make way for a long and prosperous brand lifecycle.

On that note, here is a list of the top Dos and Don’ts for effective brand management:


  • Develop a defining brand identity based around “why” your company exists. A great place to start is with Simon Sinek’s talk about how great leaders and brand inspire action.
  • Promote customer engagement through genuine interaction
  • Brand all internal and external communication consistently
  • Provide exceptional customer service and support for a lasting impression
  • Determine business goals on both a grand scale and on an individual level so all employees work together, towards the goal.
  • Ensure logo and graphic elements support the key messages of your brand and feel free to update your image to stay relevant and inline with your evolving brand
  • Create a voice and personality which will be consistent in advertising, marketing, public relations and social media, and make sure all company personnel adhere to that voice.


  • Never compromise quality to meet a deadline or push a product or service before it’s ready
  • Never be sloppy with brand communication, spelling and grammatical errors should all be fixed.
  • Never create your brand image without first determining and aligning all your company goals. Consider differentiating factors and emphasize company strengths, never just follow the mold or you risk building a forgetful brand image.
  • Never brand or rebrand without conducting preliminary market research.
  • Never provide a false statement about your brand, if suddenly your brand seems outdated or irrelevant because of emerging buzzwords or trends, don’t just add those buzzwords to packaging and try to resell your old product to a new audience, reinvent what you deliver to genuinely support whatever new audience you hope to target.

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Madison is a highly creative individual with a strong sense of how to leverage marketing to drive results and business. She has helped companies gain a stronger online presence to maintain top-of-mind positioning. She is currently the marketing coordinator at Acquisio and can be found doing graphic design and portrait art in her spare time.

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