Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone pitch in and help you make the most of all those display and retargeting campaigns for your clients? We thought you might feel that way, so we built you the Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD).

ATD is a full-service display buying and optimization solution that puts a team of veteran media buyers to work for you. Our well-connected pros expertly strategize, plan, and execute your campaigns, all while leveraging Acquisio’s top-of-the-line technology. They’ll even deliver your RFPs and proposals!

How do we do it? The Acquisio Trading Desk capitalizes on Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to assess the true value of publisher inventory. With that info firmly in our grasp, we make sure you get the impressions you need at the best price going. What’s more, we’re connected to every major ad exchange, including Facebook. That adds up to over 800 billion impressions that are available every month.

ATD boasts other attractive features like outstanding targeting and retargeting functionality, including behavioral, geo/location, income, gender, recency, frequency and more. Add to that rich media capabilities, including expandables, as well as time parting and frequency capping. Impressive!

And when it comes down to reporting time, ATD’s got the hottest display reporting capabilities on the market, thanks to our High Definition (HD) reports. They’re loaded with valuable granular campaign data, which the ATD team uses to optimize your campaigns to the max. It also enables them to share specific demographic insights with you, to help you better understand your audience.

As you can see, the Acquisio Trading Desk team doesn’t believe in half-measures—and we don’t think you should settle for them, either. We’re ready and willing to help you go all the way, instantly creating a new revenue stream by offering your clients a performance-driven display solution.

It’s almost scary how good we want to make you look.

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