Get the big picture on how display really pays.

The path to conversion is often a winding one, full of stops and starts. How can you truly know how much fuel your display ads are adding to your online revenues?

Naturally, Acquisio’s hot on the trail. Not only can you quickly access your DoubleClick data thanks to our self-serve integration, but with a bit of manual configuration up front, you can tap into your Sizmek (formally MediaMind), The Trade Desk, and AdForm data via our ETLs.  

And this is where the magic happens! These handy set-it-and-forget-it ETL connections allow you to set a conversion multiplier for post-view conversions.

Sound fancy? It should. The conversion multiplier runs on the rule that everyone should receive hero status for their role in your online conversions, and not only the last-click locations. This function lets you attribute a percentage of view-through conversions revenue (i.e. “I saw your ad and didn’t click on it but made a purchase”) while fully accounting for post-click conversions (i.e. “I saw your ad, clicked on it and made a purchase”)—allowing you to report on view-through conversion revenue at the reduced percentage that your client will recognize.

And of course, with all your data accessible in the same practical place that lets you make ravishing reports in record time, you’ll be the savviest time- and effort-saver on the block.

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