Fast-Track Your Display Advertising with Acquisio Trading Desk

Display advertising is a critical piece of any agency or advertiser’s marketing efforts. You want access to hyper-targeted audiences and to be able to reach them through a mix of social, video, rich media, and programmatic marketplaces.

Variety of global inventory

Access to profitable inventory

You’ll profit from the Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) team’s expertise and access to a wide variety of global inventory that reaches well beyond that of the Google Display Network.

  • Access to every major exchange
  • 2 Million QPS
  • 12 IAB Standard Units, including high impact
  • Scale in 150+ countries

“The Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) is the perfect paid compliment to a good content strategy. Working with the team has been a dream - their product allows me to get great, hyper-targeted coverage with ads, and I don't have to know paid optimization strategy. ATD acts as a true strategic partner for us. I don't know what I'd do without them!”

- Tara Hunt, Truly Social Inc.

Tara Hunt
Cross channel attribution and reporting

Optimized mobile, native, video, and retargeting solutions

The Acquisio Trading Desk delivers high-quality, high-value native advertising campaigns, mobile display, and video solutions that provide access to all of the major ad exchanges.

ATD’s rich metrics and reporting features deliver tremendous value-add for advertisers. Integrate recency data to optimize campaign performance, leverage first-party data for cross-device and audience retargeting, and deliver deep analytics with cross-channel attribution.

Access targeted audiences through social, video, rich media, and programmatic marketplaces.

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