There’s a lot of data floating around out there in the digital stratosphere. The challenge of managing multiple clients, campaigns, ad groups and keywords can have an account manager running in circles.

Acquisio’s well-rounded solution brings order to the chaos, delivering you a way to acquire, analyze and act on all that data in one practical place.

And since we believe sharing is caring, we make sure your data stays consistent throughout your organization and transfers seamlessly into the hands of new recruits.

It’s all pretty out-of-this-world awesome, if we do say so ourselves.

Zowie! You’ve been charged with the superhero task of keeping all your clients thrilled with the incredible effectiveness of the digital ad campaigns you manage for them.  But if by chance your cape is feeling a little droopy, Acquisio is here to help you save the day. We make it super-easy to analyze, act and report on all those keywords and accounts, ensuring every campaign leaps tall targets in a single bound.

Data Aggregation

It’s a wild, data-driven world out there. Step one in making your job more joyful is getting all that multi-channel campaign data rounded up and corralled in one spot. From loading one-off data sets to custom integrations with daily imports, Acquisio makes the roundup a cinch. Tracking, analytics, display, CRM—no data source is out of bounds for us. Welcome to your gateway to digital campaign domination.

Awesome API Connections

Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Japan, Facebook and more: We keep company with an impressive list of publishers via regularly updated APIs, making sure you can always get your hands on exactly what you need

The Data Integrations You Need

Our add-ons marketplace offers you an impressive selection of more than 30 standard data connectors. Not into buying off-the-rack? We’ll gladly tailor something customized to fit your specific needs.

Data Loading Made Delightful

Dig into that data and serve it up your way with Acquisio’s simple data-loading solutions. A quick copy and paste to Acquisio from an Excel file is all it takes, or hook up Acquisio directly with your Google Docs, and you’re off to the races

Manage Masterfully

Having all your campaign data hanging out together in one accessible place is a great start—but getting stuck in a data traffic jam can quickly stall you.

Acquisio helps keep you on the road to efficiency and increased productivity with our impressive range of data management features.

Filter, monitor and process your data the way you want, collaborate with other users, easily generate automated rules, and loads more. Plus, our familiar “traffic light” indicators help switch the data gridlock to “all systems go”, creating a clear path to your campaign success. Vroom!

View the Data that Matters

When it comes to managing your data, Acquisio puts you in the driver’s seat; we’re just here to help you steer. From our turbo-powered platform you can view and filter your data in multiple ways, analyze the health of your accounts, and optimize campaigns where needed—all from one centralized location.

User Collaboration

Acquisio makes teamwork a dream with tools that make it easy to collaborate and share information with others. Create filters that can be applied across multiple accounts and shared between co-workers, set permission levels that let you control who sees what, and track all changes in a reviewable queue. Go team!

Productivity Boosters

Acquisio is all about keeping you and your digital campaigns moving forward efficiently, and that means streamlining and automating lots of your time-sucking menial tasks. We’ve built tons of genius-like gadgets that diminish the daily drag and perk up your productivity, like Dynamic Campaigns,  Bid & Budget Management (BBM), and Bulk Processing, to name but a few.

Rock Your Reporting

If we asked you to list the tasks that make the most efficient use of your time and add the most value to your campaigns, we’re pretty sure “reporting” wouldn’t be at the top. Acquisio rewrites the rules with our best-in-the-entire-universe reporting technology. We’re talking handsome white-label capabilities, jaw-dropping automation features, picture-perfect presentation options, dynamic date ranges and much more. In a flash you’ll be whipping up end-of-month client reports that boast both beauty and brains, all while saving you tons of time and effort.

If it sounds like we’re making reporting seem sexy, you’re hearing us right.

Agency-Level Reporting

Use Acquisio’s unbeatable reporting abilities to ramp up your agency-level reports. Measure the progress of individual accounts and agency employees to see where the superstars are, easily create clear and customizable reports and executive-level summaries, and use the info to make improvements within the agency. It’s the Acquisio feature everyone loves to love!

White Label Client-Level Reporting

Our more-than-helpful white label client-level reporting tool features ultra-easy report creation and customization for reports that are branded your way. Multi-account report templates, automatic scheduling, PDF export options, slick presentation modes, and a client-accessible extranet are all part of the package. We’re working on a way for it to make you coffee, too.

Laser-Focused Reporting

We designed Acquisio to spotlight issues and opportunities for you with lightning speed and clarity. Easy access to the data you need most lets you make practical reports and smart recommendations in record time.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a successful PPC campaign demands keen revenue management. But we’ve heard that even brainy humans occasionally need a hand, so we offer rocket-scientist technology like our Bid & Budget Management to help you keep your eye on the optimization prize.

Our genius-like tools will help you maximize your productivity, campaign performance, business processes, bid and budget management, and cross-channel media plans, all while saving you tons of time and effort.

In short, we take care of the science and leave the resulting accolades to you.


We take your campaign and budget targets so seriously, we hired a rocket scientist to help you hit them. Our Bid & Budget Management (BBM) tool is the only system out there that optimizes bids and budgets every 30 minutes, giving you near-real-time control for maximizing your clicks or conversions.

Bid Rules

The ultimate assistant is the one you only have to tell something to once. Our obedient campaign automation tool allows you to create “if this happens, then do that” rules, which it promises to follow to a T—even across multiple accounts and publishers.

Bulksheet Manager

Enter the world of slick and seamless data import, export and actioning with a tool that tackles that deluge of multi-client data with ease.

Enterprise Solutions

We understand how unique you are: The Acquisio platform is awesome, but sometimes a business likes a little extra TLC. Acquisio Enterprise Solutions brings industry-leading Development and Business Solutions teams to your table, ready to custom-tailor a performance media solution that perfectly aligns with your particular business needs.

We even connect your added-value tools to your media buying platform via two-way communication, eliminating manual interaction and maximizing your technology investment.

A platform that’s a perfect fit and that integrates with your agency workflow allows you to stay on top of profitability and your agency’s overall health. Who needs an apple a day when you’ve got us?

Platform Features

Client Center

Our Client Center is the open door to the dashboard of all your key accounts. From here you can filter and sort your account information whichever way you fancy, helping you quickly pinpoint where to focus your time and resources. For an extra wallop of wow, integrate your own KPIs right into the dashboard.

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KPI Dashboards

Set your KPI goals and let our technology measure and track your performance against them on a daily, monthly, or per-campaign basis, for the ultimate in ad spend optimization.

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Report Center

The Acquisio Report Center will quickly become your new best friend. Like your own personal secretary, this flagship feature of our platform helps you maneuver your data into just about any kind of report you can dream up, in an assortment of customized styles.

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You’re ready to take on the media world. With 15 advertiser accounts, this self-serve package is ideal for professionals needing a platform to track, manage, optimize and report on search and Facebook campaigns.


Get ready for media world domination. With up to 1,500 advertiser accounts this solution is designed for highly customizable pricing based on your campaign management and cross-channel data integration need.


This solution is built with massive media campaigns in mind. With unlimited advertising accounts, this package is ideal for enterprises with custom needs including PaaS, and with a large volume of campaigns and accounts to manage.

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