Perfect your campaign management with a time-saving solution that’s ripe for the picking.

Trying to compare and analyze campaign data from multiple channels can be like comparing apples to oranges—and with so many variables and time-consuming processes, it’s enough to drive anyone bananas.

Acquisio’s Cross-Publisher Tracking tool offers you a sweet solution, featuring attribution technology that saves time, increases data accuracy and boosts your campaign performance. With Cross-Publisher Tracking on your side, you have all that delicious data in one place. That means you’ll be able to:

Track Multiple Channels

We make it easy to track and analyze campaign performance across all major pay-per-click networks. We also support Double Encoding, allowing the use of multiple tracking platforms including Google Analytics, and letting you view side-by-side conversion data from different conversion sources. We think that’s kind of nice of us.

Compare Apples to Apples

Our super-smart system lets you apply a single cross-channel attribution model to all that data, helping you make consistent comparisons of your campaign conversion and revenue info. Suddenly it’s simple to see which campaigns are juiciest and which ones might need a little extra polish.

Trust the Data

Unlike those less-than-perfect “last click” solutions, Acquisio’s powerful attribution technology lets you optimize and manage campaigns based on attribution data that’s scientifically sound. Pick First Click, Last Click, U-Shaped or Linear modeling, or go rogue and create your own custom modeling equations. Good data and accurate customer information means you can make creative- and business-based decisions with cool confidence.

Pretty peachy, huh?

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